All businesses rely on sales and certainly in the business to business sector it is paramount that all sales opportunities are made the most of hence this series of sales tips articles. Sales has changed and today’s top sales people are looking for sales tips that recognise that to be successful in sales you need not only to have great knowledge of your customer/potential customer but also how and why your product or service is going to add real value to them. And to do this as sales people we need to be good at making connections, asking questions, listening carefully to answers, spotting opportunities, and then ensuring that when we do our pitch or send out our proposal it is focused on our customer or potential customer and not ourselves.
In this series of articles you will find tips, advice and ideas to help you be a better B2B salesperson. Each article is written in a way that makes it easy for you to implement the ideas and tips it delivers regardless of the size of your business. The underlying theme of all the articles is that people buy from people, people that they know like and trust and feel as though on that basis that they can work with. The articles are produced in conjunction with the better presentations more sales podcast hosted by sales coach and trainer Trevor Lee which comes out every Monday and features an array of global guests sharing great ideas to help you grow sales and deliver better, more successful, more confident presentations. The podcast is available on all the usual podcast apps.


How inspiring are your sales meetings?

Running sales meetings is an underestimated business skill. How many times do you hear business people say : 'Oh no not another meeting!' I'm going to share with you in…

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Are you making the right first impression?

It is reckoned that 70% of customer decisions about the purchasing of products or services are made before any direct contact is made either in person, on the phone, or…

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Tips and Ideas to grow sales

Sales growth ideas - I imagine something most businesses are looking for So what are your sales growth ideas? Here's a few sales growth ideas for you to consider, utilise…

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4 ways to start your elevator pitch

How often when you go networking do you hear yourself start your elevator pitch by saying: my name is….I'm from….we do….and we're different because....... I'm sure you hear that all…

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6 everyday sales checks

It's easy to overlook the same stuff hence these 6 everyday sales checks for you too make to ensure when it comes to marketing you don't forget to keep an…

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