An entertaining, inspiring, humorous and engaging compere for your business event or conference.

I will help ensure your event or conference achieves the following: 

  • It runs on time
  • It’s engaging for your audience 
  • Your speakers get rockstars type introductions! 
  • Your audience rave about it afterwards 

When organising events or conference the role of the compere is often underestimated and sometimes overlooked until the last minute.

Comperes set the tone and pace, they engage the audience and make the speakers feel great. 

Organisations often fall into the trap of thinking their CEO or MD is the obvious choice to compere their event. Sometime they are. More often and not they aren’t simply because they’re not professional comperes. They’re CEO’s or MD’s!

If I compere your event or conference you and your audience and your speakers will enjoy that professional level of compering. 

Business Event or Conference Compering

Your Investment:

UK based in-person one day or less events: £970 +vat – this includes travel and accommodation, pre-event calls, research, practice time etc…

Global virtual events: £670 +vat – this includes pre-event calls, research, practice time etc…

Interested? Call me on 07785 390717 – email:

or book a free, no obligation 15 minute Zoom call via this link 

A bit about me

I spent 29 years in regional media during which time I compered many internal events and conferences. 

I now coach and train business people and teams on how to deliver presentations, sales pitches and demos so I understand how to engage audiences, maintain momentum, run on time and ensure everything flows. 

The sort of things I image you are looking for from your event or conference. 

As added value for your audience I will include: Two personalised signed copies of my books for members of your audience to win during your event 


The ultimate guide to setting, planning and delivering business and running goals way beyond your comfort zone.

Ideal for those looking to get better at business and running – all royalties from the book go to Children’s Hospice South West. 

The ultimate guide to creating, planning and delivering better, more confident and more successful business presentations.

For current and would-be business presenters and speakers. Royalties go to Children’s Hospice South West.


Helping listeners deliver better, more successful and more confident presentations and sales pitches.

First aired in February 2018. An array of global business guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 270 episodes.  

Helping would be ultra marathon runners plan, train for and achieve their running goals, particularly log distance.  

First aired in August 2019. An array of running sector guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 125 episodes.

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