running 44 @ 60 Podcast - helping you run your first ultra marathon, marathon or just inspire you to run

At a business conference I was speaking at in February 2019 I found myself, having been inspired by the main speaker – Jim Lawless and his Taming Tigers concept – announcing that in the spring of 2021 to celebrate a landmark birthday I would run the 44 mile ultramarathon on the Cornish coastal path known as the Classic Quarter.

It’s 44 miles and hence my challenge became known as 44@60. I knew nothing about ultra running so I thought if I launched a podcast (I already had a business one) it would be a great way of gathering tips, advice, ideas, plans etc.. from seasoned ultra runners and in particular those who had done the Classic Quarter. 

Episode one went live to the world in August 2019. Things have gone  bit crazy since then! As you read this 147 episodes have been recorded. A library of ultra, marathon and general running advice, ideas, tips and I hope inspiration.

If you would like to come on the show as a guest to share your running experiences or your running tips, advice, specialist knowledge etc.. then please contact me via 

I’m a member of Truro Running Club,  I’m actively involved with my local parkrun at Trelissick and as of May 2024 I’m embarking on a running coaches course.    

#150: West Highland Way - what happened? with Colin Bathe

#149: 5 Memorable Athletics Moments with Tom Knight plus Smugglers Scuttle 2024

#148: Preparing for the West Highland Way with Colin Bathe

#147: Scilly60, 60% and Tide Race with Wes Swain

#146: The ARC and UTMB with Fergy

#145: Sub 3 Hour Marathon with Mark Roby

#144: Landmark Birthday Run Challenges for St Petrocs with Rachel Thomson

#143: Jeffing the Brighton Marathon

#142: Christine Anthony - European Masters Indoor Championships

#141: Mike Samuels - Combining Powerlifting and Ultra Running

#140: Nicky Chrascina - Epic Running Events and Flanci

#139: Andy Williams - Arc of Attrition Valet Manager

#138: Pete Sowerby - Debut Arc 100 in sub-24

#137: Arc of Attrition 2024 - Review Episode

#136: Cornwall Running Show 2024

#135: OMM, ‘Allie’ the film and Fell Running with Toby Lowe

#134: How to mentally handle your big run with Dr Kaz Williams

#133: My favourite 6 races of 2023

#132: Cornwall Running Show 2024 with Tracy Waite

#131: Lighthouse Marathon - first ever DNF!

#130: 220 miles King Alfred's Way with Jim Spencer

#129: Tim Hill and IronMan Copenhagen

#128: Bob Graham Round and Lakeland 100 with Stuart Musson and Colin Bathe

#127: The BOYD with Andy Brown

#126: Hope 24 Running Festival

#125: Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge with Steve Perkins

#124: Green Man Ultra, 2 legs Traverse and Scillies 60 with James Skeplorn

#123: Scillies 60 with Tracy Waite and Stuart Thomson

#122: The Thames Ring with Jan Davies

#121: World Indoor Masters with Christine Anthony

#120: The Green Runners - David Starley and Martin Elcoate

#119: KVK - Kernow Vertical Kilometre

#118: Cornwall Running Show 2023

#117: Exe to Axe on my birthday!

#116: Cornwall Running Show preview with Tracy Waite

#115: Andrea and the Galatzo Trail Mountain Race

#114: Dave and Sally - life after Bys Vyken

#113: Cousin Jack - 18 tough miles

#112: 'Jeffing' the Brighton Half Marathon

#111: Vassos Alexander and his Arc of Attrition 100 adventure.

#110: Top 10 Arc of Attrition Finish with Holly Holmes

#109: 50@60 - Arc of Attrition 50 with Nick Pope

#108: Dunes in the Dark

#107: Laughter yoga and running with Pete Cann the laughter man

#106 : Top 10 Runs of 2022

#105: Bristol Running Show - various guests recorded live

#104: Bristol Running Show - Preview

#103: John Yelland Mad Hatter Sports

#102: Carrie Glenister's 4 Challenges and 4 Successes

#101: Running and Motorbikes don't mix with Andrew Blizzard

#100: Loch Ness Marathon 2022

#99: Good luck in the London Marathon

#98: Running Goals for 2023

#97: Big City Marathon Pacing with Gary Dixon

#96: A first Ultra followed by a second one 2 weeks later with Rob Thompson

#95: Jacob Prothero - planning a 50 mile Ultra with Crohns

#94: Smugglers Scuttle - great fun down at Lands End with Bys Vyken Events

#93: South West Traverse Extreme with early leader Jim Spencer

#92: South West Coast Path Relay Race

#91: 4 Challenges in 1 Year with 1 Kidney with Carrie Glenister

#90: Tracy and Trevor on the run in the dunes

#89: 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 days with Susannah Gill

#88: Absolute 360 - the story and the running gear with Umberto Bergonzini

#87: Tracy Waite - Personal Trainer, Self-care, Start everyday with a smile

#86: Tristan Stephenson on 100 mile running, heart rate zone training, sleep and coffee.

#85: Cornwall Running Show - Live Interviews - book sales, great stands

#84: Heartlands parkrun - 5km in less than 4 minutes! .

#83: Falmouth Half, Book Give Away, KVK, Running Show....

#82: Bys Vyken Events, Briefings, Medals etc.. with David Andrewartha

#81: Loyd Purvis from Run4Adventure

#80: Running and Crewing the Arc of Attrition 100 with Rachel and Stuart Thomson

#79: Arc of Attrition 50 - 4 runners share their experiences

#78: Andrew 'Ferg' Ferguson talking Mudcrew events and his own 2022 adventures

#77: Top 10 Favourite Runs of 2022

#76: Listeners share their running plans for 2022

#75: Coldest ever ParkRun, Loch Ness Plans, Movember etc....

#74: 145 miles - Jim Spencer becomes the only the third person to complete the North Coast Challenge in the Winter

#73: Newport Marathon - Recording on the run

#72: London Marathon 2021 - 7 runners share their experiences and top tips

#71: The Grizzly is back! 10 time finisher Colin Bathe shares some top tips

#70: What are your running plans for 2022?

#69: Rachel Thomson re-living completing the 24 hr 'BOYD' ​

#68: The Red RAT - a 20 mile adventure on the Cornish Coastal Path ​

#67: Club Night is back, Park Run is returning, Red Rat is nearly here.....

#66: Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon Record Holder Edward Chapman on how to run a 7 day desert race

#65: Comrades Marathon with Green Number holder Trevor Nel

#64: Phil Begnett on running his first big ultra: 'Race to the King'

#63: 7 top tips for first time Ultra Runners from a first time Ultra Runner

#62: 2 week on from the Classic Quarter - what's been happening?

#61: Andy & Trevor reflect on their Classic Quarter adventure

#60: On the run recording - wind assisted in parts

#59: A big shout out to all supporters

#58: 36 hours to go so how are the first time ultra runners feeling?

#57: What's your running challenge for 2022?

#56: Kit Check - a quick walk through all the stuff I'll be using.

#55: Anna Pascoe : Making Plans - the training and eating plans Anna provided me with

#54: Winning 24 hour races and final Classic Quarter Tips with Colin Bathe

#53: Classic Quarter Training Done - Mindset Begins

#52: Eating & Drinking - a compilation of top tips from guests on earlier episodes

#51: Mousehole to Minack Classic Quarter section recce

#50: Andy Williams preparing to run the Classic Quarter

#49: Phil Begnett - Race to the King and the 'Bus Driver'

#48: The 'secret' birthday marathon

#47: Daz Stephens - Well Being and Nutrition Coach

#46: Live recording whilst on a 20 mile road run

#45: 13 weeks to go to the Classic Quarter

#44: The Big Announcement re Fundraising

#43: Adrian Tyas - 364 day running, Hash running, Medoc Marathon ....

#42: That was 2020....142 days to the Classic Quarter

#41: Happy Christmas to my fellow runners

#40 : Leigh Cooper shares health and nutrition top tips

Leigh Cooper is an on-line health and nutrition coach helping all sorts of people improve their diet and wellness including runners. With a background as a personal trainer Leigh brings a ton of experience to this really important aspect of our running. Leigh suggests we increase our consumption of green vegetables, we switch to wholegrains and try her 3 'superfood' recommendations : Wheatgrass Powder Cacoa Powder (I can recommend this as its a key component in my award winning (almost) banana bread) Goji Berries Check out Leigh and her inspirational videos on her Facebook page and her website email Leigh via

#39: Stuart Thomson and his first 100 miler - Centurion Autumn 100 - October 2020

#38: Richard Moore on missing Park Run and remembering when he ran the first ever London Marathon

#37: Loyd Purvis : Shoes, Poles and other Classic Quarter tips

#36: Andy Williams and Trevor Lee reflect on the Classic Quarter 2020

#35: En-route commentary of 25.7 miles of the Classic Quarter Lizard to Lands End

#34: 4 days to go to the Classic Quarter

#33: 100 Up Garmin Connect down

#32: Not a Park Run, Latest Top 10, Lockdown Running

#31: Andy Williams on lockdown running

#30: The Anthony family specialising between them in 800m to the marathon

#29: Davie Hall talks completing UTMB, Man v Horse, Zermatt Marathon and Yomping in the Brecon Beacons

#28: Marathon quiz time

Please note you can download the questions here Marathon Quiz Questions - and please also note that Q22 on the download sheet has been amended slightly since the podcast was recorded - the answer though remains the same.

#27 : Imogen on running cuttings, new routes and April targets

#26: How far back does your running diary go?

#25: 'Not a Park Run' No. 1 - March 21st 9am

#24: What are you doing keep running during the Coronavirus?

#23: Classic Jack - 18 miles along the coastal path - this was tough!

#22: Being an Arc Angel

#21: 17 months to go - how am I doing?

#20: Francis Clark Ultra Running Group

#19: If you go down to Idless Woods today....

#18: My 6 favourite races of 2019 and race plans for 2020

#17: All I want for Christmas

#16: Coach Kev talks Carbs, Proteins and Body Salts

#15: A running world record holder shares her top tips

#14: What not to do on the Classic Quarter with Mark Picken

#13: Remembrance Run

#12: Anna Pascoe on running for 24 hours

#11: Eating & Drinking

#10: Bude Pirate Run

#9: Edward Chapman : from overweight accountant to Kalahari Desert 7 day race record holder

#8: Lou from the Run Lab converts me from Power Racer to Ultra Runner

#7: Colin & Nik Bathe on mini-cheddars, crisps and malt loaf as well as 100 mile and 24 hour runs

#6: Classic Quarter Recce 1 - Mullion to Loe Bar

#5: Richard Moore - Runner, Cyclist, Actor

#4: Andy & Lorraine Brown - Parkrunners, Off road runners, White RAT runners....

Andy & Lorraine Brown only started running on a regular basis a few years ago. Despite missing the first ever one they have since run 127 of the 144 Trelissick Park Runs - and they have usually volunteered on the runs they have missed. They are trail runners by choice and completed all the runs in the 2018/2019 Cornwall Multi Terrain Series with Lorraine finishing 3rd in her category. In this episode they share their running story including their White RAT run in August and their plans to run the Grizzly and the Red RAT in 2020.

#3: Andy Goundry Interview

Andy Goundry has completed the Classic Quarter in three formats – as part of a relay of 4, a relay of 2 and as an individual runner. In this episode Andy shares his experiences of taking on the Classic Quarter and provides some really valuable insights into various parts of the course and how to tackle them as well as tips on eating, drinking, walking up the hilly bits etc... If you would like to come on the podcast and share your Marathon and Ultra Marathon running experiences and expert tips including training plans, motivation and mindset, dealing with injuries, food and drink preparation etc please drop me an email to or connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

#2: The White RAT Episode

This was my first Roseland August Trail (RAT) event and what a fantastic day out we all had, especially those who travelled in the Brown team bus from Truro and took part in the white event – 11 miles. These are the snippet audio recordings I made on the way round which are being turned into what I hope will be an entertaining and essentially you haven't run a RAT event before inspiring podcast to make you want to do it next year. Big thanks to the MudCrew team for putting on a fantastic event. Many thanks to my voice-over, design and production teams who have made this possible.

#1: 44@60 - The intro episode

In 2021 Trevor Lee takes on his first ultramarathon challenge - Cornwall's 44 mile coastal path Classic Quarter. Trevor will by then have moved into a new decade of life – hence the title 44&60. This podcast will follow Trevor's journey and include interviews with seasoned ultra runners who will provide top tips and ideas. If you would like to be featured or interviewed for the podcast please contact Trevor via