Delivering a successful team led sales pitch

Often in business we are involved in a team led sales pitch which could be anything from two people to sometimes six or seven. This article shares five top tips to help you be more successful when delivering a team led sales pitch.

The five top tips for a team led sales pitch are:

  1. Establish key roles including allocating your best presenter to do the start and finish of the pitch, have your best people person do the meeting and greeting and intro, and have your best technical people deliver the core bit in the middle of the pitch
  2. Give yourselves plenty of time to build together the pitch and then practice it
  3. Divide the timing up between you all and being very conscious of not overrunning – one way of avoiding overrunning is to practice delivering in no more than 80-85% of your allocated time
  4. Practice seamless handovers which involve introducing the next person in your team to speak with a short summary of what they are going to talk about
  5. Stay interested when you’re not speaking – your audience will be looking at you as a team not as a series of individuals and they will be thinking ‘Can I work with this team?’ so looking engaged and staying interested when you’ve done your bit is really important

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