presentation delivery coaching for business teams


help your team deliver better, more confident and more successful presentations

show them how to CREate presence, overcome nerves, run on time, use their voice

key focus on first minutes, last minutes, audience engagement, Q&A, presence, pace and flow

Business Presentation Coaching - who is it for?


Anyone in your organisation who wants to enhance their presentation delivery skills.

They could be new to presenting or experienced presenters who want to deliver better.

The programme is all about delivery – especially the first and last two minutes.


Presentation delivery confidence and skills

Particularly that crucial first two minutes that needs to engage the audience and set the tone and the rousing, call to action final minute or so. 

We conclude with everyone delivering a 3 minute  presentation which will be videoed.

Business Presentation Delivery Coaching How does it work


A typical presentation delivery coaching day would be for up to 6 participants.

It is designed for in-person delivery and we will use some  video analysis in each session to help participants up their delivery skill level.

Typically 9.30am to 4pm in four parts: 

  • 09.30 – Intros 
  • 09.45 – Session One – some video analysis 
  • 11:00 – Break
  • 11.15 – Session Two
  • 11.45 – Session Three – some video analysis 
  • 12.45 – Lunch Break
  • 13:30 – Prep and Practice for the Big Present
  • 14:45 – Break
  • 15:00 – The Big Present – some video analysis 
  • 16.30 – Wrap Up and next steps 


S1 : 15 minutes before you deliver  – Presence, meet & greet, calming nerves, last minute checks then into first two minutes of delivery focusing on audience engagement, setting tone, style & pace

S2 : Core of presentation – maintaining momentum and engagement, handling interruptions, slide transitions, eye contact, energy, running on time

S3 : Q&A and final two minutes including key points summary, audience call to action, big finish

Each session will include practice time in pairs or threes on what is covered in the session

The Big Present – bringing it all together into a two minute presentation (no slides) on a subject of your choice

what's included?

Business Presentation Delivery Coaching before the day


  • 20-30 minute Zoom Call with Management to confirm desired programme outcomes and participant details and expectations
  • Participant Welcome  Note – so they know what to expect – in the form of a programme plan plus a short introduction video from course host to give participants an overview of the day and what they can expect. 
Business Presentation Delivery coaching


  • Summary Notes and Checklists in both a printed format for on the day and e-format 
  • Video analysis clips – each participant will receive their individual video clips from the day via a personal dropbox file
  • 10 minute Summary Video of the key points for recap purposes – password protected so exclusive to those on the programme 
Post Coaching Business Presentation delivery


  • 20-30 minute Zoom Call with  Management to gather feedback and agree how to ensure momentum isn’t lost.
  • 30 minute Zoom Call – for participants two weeks after programme delivery. An opportunity to recall key points and discuss plans / offer advice on any forthcoming presentations. 

what do you need to provide?



An in-house or off-site room that  is comfortably big enough for your delegates and comes with a biggish screen and integrated projector.

Break out space for when the delegates will be practising their presentations (only needed for the one day programme) 

Tea, coffee, water and biscuits – maybe also fruit / nuts – available for whenever delegates might need them. 

A light lunch ideally not too many sandwiches (the bread can make some people feel sleepy rather than energised in the afternoon)

your investment in your team:

One Day in-person Programme - £1570 +vat

Here's a bit about me...

Trevor Lee

I did my first business presentation in 1983 to a company called Bracebridge DIY. They said yes to my advertising proposal and I realised at that moment how important presentation skills are to business success. Since then I’ve delivered, and still do, business presentations of all types whether 1:1 or to large audiences.

I love though helping business people like you and your team make the most of every opportunity to present or pitch, including virtual ones, ensuring you are confident and competent. 

All of what I will share with you during the training programmes comes from a combination of my own presenting experience, watching others present, coaching others to present and from the tips, advice and insights my guests on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast have shared. 

Better Presentations - More Sales Podcast - every Monday

Ranked 3rd in FeedSpot’s Best Global Presentation Podcasts 2024 and 4th in UK Top Sales Podcasts 2024

Top presenting and sales tips and ideas from an array of global guests.

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7 steps to successful presentations book - available now

My latest book came out in the summer of 2023.

It is packed full of presenting and pitching tips and ideas including bonus chapters on team presenting, your first presentation, elevator pitches and following up. 

All proceeds from the book go the Children’s Hospice South West