How inspiring are your sales meetings?

Running sales meetings is an underestimated business skill. How many times do you hear business people say : ‘Oh no not another meeting!’

I’m going to share with you in this article ideas for running sales meetings that will make them more efficient, productive and enjoyable – yes enjoyable!

Running sales meetings is part of a sales managers brief but how many are taught how to do it?

If you are in sales then chances are sales meetings are a regular part of your routine. 

And that is the danger. Sales meetings become routine. Something that you have to tolerate every Monday between 9am and 10.30am or every Wednesday at 3pm. 

Sales meetings through can be highly beneficial. But to achieve that they need to be inspiring. They need to create a sense of urgency, a flow of ideas, a momentum to keep everyone flowing until the next meeting. 

Every sales meetings should have a specific reason for happening, a specific desired outcome and a everyone attending should know why they are there, for how long and what the expectation of the outcome is. 

So here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you deliver a great sales meeting. And if you don’t have sales meetings of any sort then you should ask why. After all if you are in business you are in sales. If you don’t create sales of your products or services you won’t have a business. A well organised, well run sales meeting can make a real difference to your business. I hope you find these tips useful.

1. Don’t start with data

It’s not the most inspiring start to begin a sales meeting ploughing through lots of data. This Year v Last Year. Accounts up on spend. Accounts down on spend. Yields.  

2. Make a show of it

Sales people like a bit of glamour. Not over the top stuff but making a bit of a show of the sales meeting will give it a bit of a lift. 

3. Don’t follow the same agenda

If you have weekly sales meetings don’t circulate a predictable agenda. The same agenda each week will breed complacency. Have something different on the agenda or have a 5 minute contribution from another department, or bring in someone from outside. 

4. Check In

Getting those present actively involved at the beginning will help engage them for the duration of the meeting. A quick 90 seconds what have you been up to – what have you got planned. Stick to 90 seconds – there will always be someone who wants to drone on for several minutes and hog the time. 

5. Big Idea Discussion

Each meeting needs an opportunity to discuss a key and current challenge. How are we going to overcome x? Facilitate this so everyone is involved. If the meeting involves more than 5 people break it up into small groups – 2’s are good – give them 5 minutes to discuss the challenge and then report back their views.

6. Stand Up

Consider whether it is practical to have a standing only meeting. This can create lots of energy but may not be ideal for all attendees.

7. Avoid Slides

If you use slides and a screen consider whether that is really necessary. If it is then be ruthless with your use of slides. Set a task of no more than 3 words on a slide. 

8. Change the Venue

Different venues can generate enthusiasm. If you meet every week then every third week organise a change of venue – somewhere close by but offsite. If the weather is good how about an outdoor sales meeting? 

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