7 steps to successful presentations

standing up and speaking / presenting in front of a business audience isn't easy. this book will guide you through 7 steps to help you become a more confident and successful speaker/presenter

This is the ultimate guide to creating, planning and delivering better, more confident and more successful business presentation.

7 Steps to Successful Presentations is packed full of tips, advice and ideas to help business people deliver better, more confident and more successful presentations and sales pitches.

It includes special chapters for those who lack presenting confidence and for those who are first time presenters. 

The 7 Steps follow Trevor’s 7P’s of presenting model – from identifying the purpose of your presentation and what your audience want from it through the preparation and planning stages including best use of slides to the final steps of practice and then delivery – whether that delivery is in-person or virtual.

 All royalties from book sales go to the Children’s Hospice South West

7 steps to Successful Presentations - the ultimate guide to helping you become a better more confident presenter and speaker

12 Business lessons from running an ultra marathon

to celebrate a landmark birthday in 2021 i ran a 44 mile coastal path ultra marathon known as the classic quarter this book describes the business lessons from that run

12 Business lessons from running a coastal path 44 mile ultra marathon is a business book and a running book.

It shares business consultant and occasional runner Trevor Lee’s determined and persistent journey from making a gutsy announcement at a business event to crossing the finish line 815 days, 350 training runs, 2300 training miles and £7000 of fundraising later. 44 coastal path miles at 60. 

The 12 business lessons are easy to implement and will be invaluable, inspiring and helpful to small businesses and startups as well as established businesses looking to re-energise.

The 12 lessons are also in ‘running’ format so ideal for anyone planning their own ultra running experience. 

 Trevor completed the 44 mile Classic Quarter on May 22nd 2021 and raised over £7,000 for the Music Therapy Programme at the Children’s Hospice South West.

12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon with Trevor Lee

Speaking at your event: Virtual or In-person

I’ve turned ’12 Business Lessons’ into an engaging, educational and entertaining 30 or 45 minute speaker slot which will enthuse, energise and inspire your event audience. 

12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon
Your First Ultra Marathon
Classic Quarter Ultra Run