Presentation Coaching for Students at special rates

Helping you deliver a Confident and Successful
dissertation Presentation
for your masters or Phd

outcomes of student presentation coaching for Your masters or phd dissertation presentation:

more confidence when presenting

having a presentation that flows

ensuring your key messages are well articulated

being focused on a desired presentation outcome

how to practice and run on time


  • 1:1 coaching via Zoom
  • Focus on your presentation needs:
  • Confidence
  • Content
  • Structure and Flow
  • Achieving your Desired Outcome
  • Running on Time
  • Usually 30 minutes per session
  • Minimum of two sessions 
  • Checklist of key points to implement 

Your Investment: £57+vat for two 30 minute sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be more confident when delivering my dissertation presentation?
Presenting confidence is a combination of mindset – I can do this – preparation – I’ve spent time getting everything right – and practice – I’ve had a few run throughs and I’m feeling ready. In these 1:1 coaching sessions I’ll help you feel more confident. 

I seem to have too much to share – what do I leave out? 
One of the challenges of most presentations is what to leave out in order to ensure you get your key point over and you run on time. The starting point is asking yourself : ‘What do I want the outcome of my presentation to be?’ Anything that doesn’t help achieve that outcome is then excluded. And then we do round 2 of exclusions, being a ruthless editor until we have the right content left. 

Are the coaching sessions interactive? 
Absolutely. I’ll usually ask you to send me your presentation in advance. In our first session we’ll go through it, confirm the outcome you’re seeking, how much time you have. I’ll make some recommendations so that in session two we can go through what will be close to the finished presentation. If need be we have a third session to ensure you are very much presentation ready!

When do I need to get in touch?
Contacting me the night before your presentation is cutting it a bit fine! If you have to submit the presentation in advance then our first session needs to be at least 10 days before that so we have time to make changes and for you to feel good about delivering the presentation. Once submitted any sessions we do will focus on your delivery. 

Trevor Lee

Your student presentation coach

That’s me – Trevor Lee – I deliver all the sessions simply because I want you to get the best value and momentum from them.

My aim with all the coaching sessions is to deliver in an energised way that engages, educates, enthuses and gives you the confidence to go out and deliver a great presentation. 

I want you to leave the coaching sessions energised, inspired and ready to put into action the tips and ideas.