Presentation and Sales Tips and Advice Video Clips

There are 3 clips alongside each guest – simply click on ‘Watch the Video Clip’ – each clip is between 40 and 60 seconds and shares a key learning piece of advice. On my You Tube channel you can watch full-length versions of the podcast. 

The Better Presentations More Sales Podcast comes out every Monday. It’s aim is to provide listeners with tips, ideas and advice to help them become better, more confident and more successful business presenters. 

Collin Mitchell - Sales is Evolving - are you?

Personalising the sales process

The goal of a cold call - to start a conversation

Go for quality not quantity when making sales calls

Michelle Gladieux - Communicate with Courage

You are worthy - so go and present and speak!

Learn from others and from yourself to get better

Don't accept 'good enough' when presenting

Limor Bergman - How to be a Better Presenter

Why presenting is a key business skill

Why its crucial to focus on your audience

If you want to be a better presenter you must practice

Ann Carden - Presenting yourself better on Linked In

The Strategic approach to using Linked In

Making the most of your Linked In Profile Picture

You have to be seen as an expert on LinkedIn

Kim Sorrelle - Presenting and Public speaking Tips

Listening changes everything when you are presenting

It's all about what you are giving when speaking

Every 'No' gets you one step closer to a 'Yes'

Don Colliver - Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter

How to use Humour in your Presentation

How to overcome those Presentation Nerves

Ideas to help you Practice your Presentation

Mark Carpenter - Use Storytelling when Presenting

How storytelling can transform your Presentation

Storytelling with a defined and focused Purpose

Use storytelling to give people the 'Why'

Katja Schleicher - How to be a better Communicator

How to communicate better with your team

4 Questions to ask yourself before your Presentation

Everyday Presenting and Speaking practice