business leader sales coaching - from 50 minutes per month

Has your business got a sales plan/strategy?

Does your sales activity need re-energising?

Do you need some ideas for sales growth? 

Are you looking to grow sales but aren’t sure how to do that? 

I can help you via a monthly fixed investment model or on an ad hoc 50 minute basis

Business Leader Sales Help with Trevor Lee

If you are the leader of an SME you will know how important sales are.

Given that most SME leaders don’t come from a sales background and that many SME’s often aren’t quite big enough to employ a high level experienced Sales Director or Chief Revenue Officer creating a robust sales strategy and driving sales activity can be a problem. 

That’s how I can help.

I fill that gap providing you as  business leader with ideas, tips and advice to help you grow your sales. 

I particularly work with CEO’s, Owners and Partners in the Professional Services, Technology and Marketing sectors. 


I’ll help you:

Create a Sales Strategy and Plan

Advise you on how to action the plan given your sales resources

Challenge you to use your sales data to identify sales opportunities

Encourage you drop customers who are ‘Low Revenue- High Maintenance’

Look at the buying process your customers undertake – is it making it easy for them to buy or is it a barrier to sales growth? 


  • How easy is it to know what you offer?
  • How easy is it to buy from you?
  • What are you doing to grow sales? 
  • How are you creating and maintaining sales momentum?
  • How successful are your sales pitches?

And I can help you with:

Your Sales Leadership Development 

Getting the most from your sales team and/or the resources you have available to create sales 

Your long term business thinking  


To create with you a sales strategy and plan that will help your organisation generate more revenues.

Revenues that come from a mix of opportunities:

  • Existing Clients 
  • Potential Clients 
  • Networking Contacts 
  • Sales Pitches 
  • Product Demos

This is a very flexible service – see below – ranging from a one-off 30-40 minute session to a subscription model or something in between.  

Subscription or Ad Hoc - which model best suits your needs?

Subscription model:

10, 20,30, 40 minute sessions via phone or Zoom whenever you need them

Up to six sessions per month 

Invoicing at the end of each month – 28 day payment terms  

Your Investment: 

£375 + vat per month 

Ad-hoc model:

50 minute sessions via phone or Zoom whenever you need them

No minimum number of sessions 

Use the link below to easily book your session   

Your Investment: 

£87 + vat per session

first session bonus - free copies of both books

When you sign up for your first session I will send you copies of both of my business books:

7 Steps to Successful Presentations book cover design_front cover with outline
12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon Trevor Lee
Presentation and Sales Pitch Training

The 7 second resume: 29 years with Northcliffe Media from selling ads to managing an 8 figure target and leading 300 people. Started own sales / presenting consultancy Sept 2012. Loving every minute of it. 

Why hire Trevor Lee?...

After gaining a Sports degree my first proper job was selling ads for the Lincolnshire Echo. After two years I was lucky enough to win one of three places on a six month trainee sales managers programme. That led to my first sales managers job aged 25. 

 I progressed over the next 27 years into sales director, commercial director and local managing director roles in various locations. 

I’ve been responsible for a team of two and a half and a small turnover to a team of 300 and a £16m turnover. 

I now help SME B2B companies and leaders create and implement robust and exciting sales strategies and plans, particularly in the professional services, technology and marketing sectors.