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Some of the great organisations I’ve worked with recently…

Miller Commercial
AMS Instrumentation & Control
University of Plymouth
Charlie Bears
Bishop Fleming
Global Reach
St Austell Brewery

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Here are the highlights from my March / April 2024 Speaking Gigs in Penzance, Bournemouth and Newquay

trevor lee Books

The ultimate guide to setting, planning and delivering business and running goals way beyond your comfort zone.

Ideal for those looking to get better at business and running – all royalties from the book go to Children’s Hospice South West. 

The ultimate guide to creating, planning and delivering better, more confident and more successful business presentations.

For current and would-be business presenters and speakers. Royalties go to Children’s Hospice South West.

trevor lee Podcasts

Enjoy Cricket? The Silver Stumps Podcast is the only cricket podcast aimed at cricketers aged 60+

Co-hosted by county veteran cricketers Grant Timms and Trevor Lee the Silver Stumps podcast features entertaining interviews, top tips and advice and topical discussion. Started Feb 2024. 

Helping listeners become better, more confident, more competent, and more successful business presenters, speakers and sales pitchers. 

First aired in February 2018. An array of global business guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 300 episodes.  


Helping marathon and ultra marathon runners be inspired to plan, train for and achieve their running goals, however daunting they may feel. 

First aired in August 2019. An array of running sector guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 145 episodes.

Presentation and Sales Pitch Training

The 7 second resume: 29 years with Northcliffe Media from selling ads to managing an 8 figure target and leading 300 people. Started own sales / presenting consultancy Sept 2012. Loving every minute of it. 

Why work with me?...

If you hire me to help you and your team deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations, sales pitches and day to day sales interactions I will bring to your organisation:

Energy and Momentum – lets make success happen!

Advice and Ideas – all the tips and techniques you need 

Challenge and Guidance – you know you can do better!

Entrepreneurial thinking – understanding your customer 

My aim is to make whatever we work together on a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

It will be fast paced, challenging and fun. To start the ball rolling book that no obligation Zoom call via the button below. 

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Ranked 2nd in FeedSpot’s Best Global Presentation Podcasts 2024 and 4th in UK Top Sales Podcasts 2024

Top presenting and sales tips and ideas from an array of global guests.

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