sales training for teams, business leaders and sales people

What's holding back your sales growth?

A lack of confidence?

Concerned your team don’t have good sales skills? 

Worried you/they will come across as too ‘salesy’? 

Thinking you don’t have enough time for proactive sales? 

My Sales Training Courses and Coaching will help you:

Become  better and more confident at sales

Generate more sales from existing customers

Show you how to be proactive to create new sales

Sharpen your key sales skills such as pitching, demoing and negotiating 

choose the help that best suits your needs:

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Here's a bit about me...

Trevor Lee

I did my first sales pitch in 1983 to a company called Bracebridge DIY. They said yes to my advertising proposal and I realised at that moment how important sales skills are to business success. Since then I’ve delivered, and still do, sales pitches of all types whether 1:1 or to large audiences.

I now specialise in helping business people like you make the most of every sales opportunity ensuring you have a clear plan and a winning formula.

I love the variety working as a sales coach brings. I learn so much that I am able to pass on and help my clients utilise. It is hugely rewarding helping individuals and teams get better at sales. I look forward to helping you and your team become one of them.