LinkedIn Video as a Sales Tool with Donald Kelly

LinkedIn video as a sales tool

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking LinkedIn video as a sales tool with founder of The Sales Evangelist and host of the The Sales Evangelist Podcast Donald C Kelly

So are you one of the many people on LinkedIn who are either inactive or have a profile that is out of date or simply aren’t using the platform to grow your business and boost your sales

Donald shares some great tips and ideas particularly around LinkedIn video as a sales tool

Included within that is news that LinkedIn is adding a new button to phone at just to enable users to more easily create video content so making it easier to use LinkedIn video as a sales tool

So how can you create video content and what should you use it for?

Donald suggests videos should be around 20 seconds and the video is a great way of communicating with people on LinkedIn simply because it enables them to get much more of a feel for you as a person and it will help you stand out from everyone else who is still currently using typed messaging

And when you think about how so many people are still sending emails speculatively that don’t go anywhere so what a difference could happen if you swap sending those emails to send in LinkedIn video messages

We also briefly talk about sales training and how online, on demand training materials are becoming much more a key part of the training/learning process, particularly for sales teams

Donald’s two tips for listeners to put into action straightaway are:

Go and update your LinkedIn banner – using Canva if necessary

And secondly start sharing content, either content you have created yourself or indeed that someone else has already created

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