One to One Presentation Coaching to help you deliver:

Confident, well structured
and Successful
Presentations and Pitches
to various audiences:

Existing Clients | Potential Clients | Colleagues | Board Members | Investors | Business Events ​

the outcomes of one to one presentation coaching for you:

delivering confident and successful presentations

achieving your presentation desired outcomes

understanding the keys parts of a presentation

engaging, educating and enthusing your audience

creating impact that drives audience action



Sessions are 50 minutes on Zoom –  the number of sessions depends on your needs and timescale to delivery. 

We will start by confirming why you think you need help to develop your presentation skills. 

My role is to challenge you to deliver better presentations, thus increasing your chances of success. 

I’ll be helping you with content, structure, flow and timing as well as how you are using slides and your plans for any Q&A. 

your investment in key presentation help:

each 50 minute session - £87 +vat

big bonus!


For anyone booking three or more sessions I will send you an inscribed copy of my latest book: 


Published in 2023  

7 Steps to Successful Presentations book cover design_front cover with outline

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Coaching delivered?
It is via Zoom. 

How does a session work? 
We will talk about where you are on your presenting journey and the areas you think you need some help with. We will then focus on developing your skills in those areas. You need only commit to a single session to get things moving.  

I’m interested what should I do next? 
Click here to book your session 

How many sessions do I need? 
That depends on you – it could be you just need a single session or an on-going programme where we meet once a month or whenever you have a key presentation or pitch coming up. 

Trevor Lee

Your one to one presentation coach

That’s me – Trevor Lee – I deliver all the one to one presentation coaching sessions simply because I want you to get the best value and momentum from them.

My aim with all sessions is to help you become a better, more confident and more successful presenter.

I will challenge you to enhance your presentation skills and deliver impactful, memorable and action inducing presentations. 

I will also emphasis how important preparation and practice are!