Sales Tips, Techniques and advice to help you

grow sales
from both
existing and potential customers

why the small business sales growth package for you?

help you create a robust sales plan

ensure a smooth buying process for your customers

making sure you respond quickly to enquiries

generating more revenues from existing customers

creating sales energy and momentum

helping you win more sales pitches

i will be your coach, challenger and momentum driver

how will our time together work? what will you gain?

6 sessions over 3 months

Month One Session One:  Review of your sales activity > sales processes, data, growth / decline areas, resources, marketing, opportunities – 90 minutes on Zoom 

Month One Session Two:  Sales goals and ambitions > start of building a sales plan and strategy – 90 minutes on Zoom 

Month Two Session Three:  Implementing the sales plan and strategy > team briefing, process updates, marketing messages – 60 minutes on Zoom 

Month Two Session Four:  Review of sales activity > identification of future sales opportunities – 60 minutes on Zoom 

Month Three Session Five:  Robust review of progress > what’s working / what’s not working > tweaks to the plan / strategy – 60 minutes on Zoom  

Month Three Session Six:  Final session > how to keep the sales momentum going > thinking about the next 12 months – 60 minutes on Zoom 

Sessions plans are flexible depending on your needs – the above is an example of how the package could work

your investment in the small business growth plan package:

six session Programme - £475 +vat

additional sessions - £87 +vat

Package will be invoiced monthly split into three: Month One £235 +vat – Month Two £120 +vat – Month Three £120+vat – 28 day payment terms 

big bonus!



Published at the end of 2021 and based on the business lessons learnt from tackling a 44 mile coastal path ultra marathon 

12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon Trevor Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Sales Growth Package delivered?
It is via Zoom. 

Who its for? 
Small, Micro and Start Up Businesses who have great products and services but need some help generating more sales

Why Zoom – why not in-person? 
In-person is possible but the cost of travelling and travel time will add to the level of investment required – Zoom is efficient and keeps the package investment level low. 

I’m interested what should I do next? 
I suggest you book a 15-20 no fee Zoom call with me so you can tell me about your sales needs and plans and why you think you might need some help with it. You can then decide if this small business sales growth package is for your organisation. It will need a commitment to the session times to be successful. 

How many people can come on each session? 
As many as you like. As a small business you may not have dedicated sales resources so anyone involved in sales adding to the discussion could be very useful. 


Trevor Lee

Your sales coach and advisor

That’s me – Trevor Lee – I deliver all the small business sales growth package sessions simply because I want you to get the best value and momentum from them.

My aim with all sessions is to help you become better, more confident and more successful at sales.

I will challenge you to enhance your sales activity and skills, and spot and ultimately win more sales opportunities. 

I will also emphasis how important preparation and practice are!