Emotional Connections with your Audience with Chantal Cornelius

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking public speaking and in particular emotional connections with your audience with the founder of Appletree Marketing and the current President of the UK based Professional Speaking AssociationChantal Cornelius

Chantal provides some great insights into how she got into public speaking and how the PSA works and why listeners should consider joining the PSA or its American equivalent the National Speakers Association (NSA) or indeed any of the spacing associations based across the globe.

The PSA is all about helping people like you Speak More and Speak Better

How to make emotional connections with your audience is a specialist area for Chantal who explains that your audience want to feel something from your speaking or presentation or workshop as well as learn something.

But to help ensure you make the right emotional connections you need to understand your audience and what they have been promised by the organiser in terms of what you are going to share with them.

Making an emotional connection with your audience involves reading them and making sure you’ve got good eye contact with them.

We also talk about how you can make that connection when you are delivering something online.

You can find out more about Chantal and the five stand out strategies that she mentions during the recording on her website Appletreeuk.com

Chantal’s top three tips for any speaker or presenter are:

  1. Find out about the audience and what they are expecting
  2. Rehearse and particularly rehearse your entrance
  3. And when you finished and someone offers to share some feedback ask them to email it to

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