How to go from park run to ultra run

20 fast paced, highly energised, inspiring minutes your running audience will relate to as I share ‘top tips’ on how to go from being a park runner to an ultra runner based on my journey to running a first ultra (the 44 mile Classic Quarter) in 2021 aged 60. 

In an entertaining and humorous style I cover the key elements of such a journey including:

  • Identifying the target ultra and signing up
  • Telling everyone 
  • Being ready to learn 
  • Buying a hydration vest
  • Hot cross buns, water melon and flat coke 
  • Crew support 
  • My key message is ‘If I can do this so can you’ as I encourage your audience to set themselves a big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG). 

It’s never easy picking the right speaker for your event.

So why choose me?

I’m an experienced event and conference speaker and compère – I know how to create audience engagement, keep the momentum going, run on time and be a memorable part of your event. 

Aa added value for your audience I will include:

  • Two personalised signed copies of my book for members of your audience to win during my session
  • A mini e-book PDF of the key points you can share with them post event
  • An exclusive post-event 10 minute video of the key points accessible only to your audience 
Trevor Lee

It all started in February 2019 

I’m a speaker at a business conference. I’d recently joined a local running club and in my head was planning a third marathon in 2021 to celebrate a landmark birthday.

The headline speaker was internationally renowned Jim Lawless. He talks about ‘Taming Tigers’ – setting goals way outside your comfort zone. Listening to Jim I felt my marathon target wasn’t enough. Over lunch I found the Classic Quarter. 

When I was introduced to the audience before my afternoon session I was asked what I had learnt from Jim. I blurted out that running a 3rd marathon in 2021 wasn’t a big enough challenge. Instead I was going to run the Classic Quarter.

27 months, 2300 training miles and with over £7000 raised for the local children’s hospice music therapy programme I crossed the finish line.

Running 44@60 Podcast 

I knew nothing about planning for or running a ultra marathon! I launched the podcast in August 2019 as a learning and motivational tool. I was and still am hugely grateful to the amazing guests who share so many ideas, tips and pieces of great advice. Thanks everyone! and thanks for listening!

Running 44@60

12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon 

Following the successful completion of the challenge I set out on a journey to complete another challenge: Write a business book that is also a running book. It was launched in December 2021 with proceeds to the SW Children’s Hospice. 

12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon Trevor Lee

Your Investment: from £370+VAT

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