Public Speaking Competence and Confidence with Peter George

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking public speaking competence and confidence with Public Speaker, Public Speaking Coach and author of the award winning book ‘The Captivating Public Speaker’ Peter George

Peter provides some great insights into how he got into public speaking and how he helps on a one-to-one basis people with their public speaking competence and confidence

We talk about helping would-be speakers overcome their anxiety and Peter reminds us that when we are speaking we are there to help people and that is not about us being in the spotlight but it should be the audience who are in the spotlight and that we are not speaking to inform we are speaking to transform

On the journey to helping listeners with their public speaking competence and confidence Peter also shares 5 top strategies for engaging an audience:

  1. People will judge you before you open your mouth, so when they first see you look them in the eye and stand with confidence, so feet shoulder width apart not leaning on one leg
  2. Start with a question, which could well be a rhetorical one, because that will get the audience thinking about their answer
  3. You can also start with a story, something you are familiar with
  4. Or you could start with a big stat or a quote that is relevant to your subject
  5. And the final one of Peter’s five top strategies for engagement is simply to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

You can find more information about Peter and his book at:

Peter’s top tip for anyone looking to develop their public speaking competence and confidence is having a mindset that it is all about the audience, not you

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