Closing that Sales Pitch

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m following up on the free 25 minute webinars I did last week called Win More Sales Pitches, with the follow-up prompted when someone in the Q&A afterwards talked about the best ways of closing that sales pitch.

And it got me thinking about whether closing is actually the right word because if we win a sales pitch then isn’t that the opening of a new client, hopefully a long-term relationship with that client.

Of course in the sales world opening is the bit you do at the beginning of your pitch or presentation.

And I don’t think if we do use the word closing that it is the responsibility of the person delivering the pitch to close that sales pitch, I think that is the job of the customer, our job as the people doing the pitch is to make it as easy as possible for them to say yes to our idea or proposal and therefore it is them that is closing that sales pitch not us.

During the episode I share five tips which I will summarise here:

  1. Focus your pitch on the people you are pitching to, the benefits they will get and do your homework on them
  2. Ensure it is not complex and that it is put together using their terms rather than yours
  3. Make your offer crystal clear and talk about their investment rather than your rate or fee
  4. Be ready to negotiate by thinking through what could happen in a negotiation and if you were them what would you want
  5. Be ready for the Q&A and again try and pre-think the questions you could be asked and then have your calendar ready to book in a follow-up call, and make that a phone call not an email

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