Here's your opportunity to transform your presentation skills at your own pace in your own time helping yoU

became a Better
More Confident
More Successful Presenter
in-person and virtually for:

Client Meetings | Prospective Client Meetings | Sales Pitches | Internal Briefings | Product / Service Demos | Events | Webinars

'transform your Business Presentations' will guide you through 7 key steps all of which come in a video, audio, checklist and summary notes format

you can work in the format that bests suits you, at a time and pace that best suits you

and here's a preview video of the course explaining the video, audio, notes, checklists and slides formats it comes in

to get a feel for the course here's an explanation of how it works plus the video version of the free taster lesson 'how to deliver your first Big Presentation'

Why is this online presentation training right for You?

We all know that a presentation is a golden opportunity.

A golden opportunity to:

Win new business from an existing customer

Win a new customer

Motivate your colleagues

Attract investment

Elevate your profile

This online presentation training course is designed to ensure you don’t waste that golden opportunity.

It will help you deliver better, more confident, more successful in-person and virtual presentations.

This is an online presentation course so you can walk through it at a pace that suits you and it comes in various formats to enable you to do the course in whatever format suits you :

  • Voice-over video 
  • Audio – podcast style
  • Mini e-book – summary notes for easy reference
  • Checklist – all the things you need to remember 

Once you have purchased the online presentation course it is yours for however long you wish to keep it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What format does the course come in?
It comes in video, audio, notes and checklist formats which you can mix and match to suit your learning style.

How do I get started? 
Simply click on the button below to go to the registration page.

How many lesson are there? 
One for each of the 7P’s of presenting – see below – although the Performance lesson is split into two – one for delivering in person and one for delivering virtually. 

How long is it?
The modules vary from 15-35 minutes for the voice over video versions with shorter audio versions. 

How much is it?
The course fee, which includes unlimited access is £197 (which includes UK vat). The fee also includes membership of the ‘Stand Out Business Presenters Club’ 

The first 25 sign ups can enjoy a 50% reduction by using the code: 7steps50 at the checkout.

Here’s an outline of the 7P’s

7P'S Presenting Circle Section

Purpose – you’ll be asked: Why are you presenting? What do want the outcome to be? This module will show you why establishing your Purpose before you do anything else is fundamental to presentation success.

People – Who are your audience? What are they expecting? Designing your presentation for your audience rather than yourself (which is what most presenters do) will significantly increase your chances of success.

Preparation – we’ll look at everything you need to organise in readiness for delivering both an in-person and virtual presentation – from projectors to webcams, microphones to guitar stools, connectors to clickers. A comprehensive checklist to ensure you cover all aspects of equipment and software. There are separate modules for preparing in-person and virtual presentations.

Planning – your focus here will be bringing together your content in a way that gives it structure and flow. At the end of this module you will have ready a ‘Big Start’, ‘Core Messages’ and a ‘Big Finish’.

PowerPoint – this module will challenge you to take a ruthless view of slides. It is designed to help you use slides to your advantage whilst avoiding inflicting ‘Death by PowerPoint’ on your audience.

Practice – this can make the difference to being successful or not. You will pick lots of top tips on how to practice and how often. Many presenters don’t practice very well, if at all, so this module will give you a distinct advantage over the majority of presenters.

Performance – the 7th P is designed to help you deliver a confident presentation that engages and enthuses your audience. It will encourage you to be your authentic self and as with the Preparation module comes in two formats – one for in-person and one for virtual delivery.

Team Presenting – the bonus module packed full of tips and ideas to deliver a seamless, well organised team presentation.

Trevor Lee

Your Course Host

Trevor Lee has been delivering presentations to business audiences for over 35 years. Trevor’s philosophy is that presentations need to engage, educate, enthuse and to a degree entertain.

You will enjoy Trevor’s highly energised, fast paced teaching style which will challenge you, regardless of your presenting experience to deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations in a variety of formats and situations.

Trevor broadcasts the ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast every Monday and is a regular event and webinar speaker.