6 everyday sales checks

It’s easy to overlook the same stuff hence these 6 everyday sales checks for you too make to ensure when it comes to marketing you don’t forget to keep an eye on the things that cost very little in time and money.

Are these 6 everyday sales checks part of your routine? If not make them!

So here are 6 everyday sales checks:

  1. Your voicemail message. What does your voicemail message say and how long does it take to kick in? I left a message for someone recently who’s message said they would be back in the office six months ago!. Likewise I rang a potential supplier and it must have taken 15 rings before the messaging service kicked in. Most people would have hung up by then.
  2. Your email signature. We all have them on all devices. What does your say? I imagine on your desktop it’s packed full of logos and on your mobile it might say ‘Sent from my iPhone’. Email signatures ought to be consistent across all devices – and be up to date and relevant so check yours on every device you email from.
  3. Social Media. You are on social media but is your profile up to date? If someone sends me a Linked In connection and they have no photo and very little information about themselves it makes me think they are not that interested in Linked In. Their connection invite feels a bit like a random cold call. Make the most of social media by staying up to date, adding content, sharing your expertise and personalising connection invitations.
  4. Clean your Van. Our roads are full of branded vehicles. What does a clean, smart looking vehicle say about your business? Invest in a sponge! Top tip – one of my business associates runs a fleet of vans and every time he goes to a business event he aims to arrive first and park his clean, branded van in the parking spot closest to the event entrance so all delegates have to walk past it. Great marketing!
  5. Always carry a business card. You never know who you might meet or have a conversation with, so always carry a business card 24/7. Make sure your card reflects you and your business. Better to print 100 really good looking cards than 500 cheap looking ones.
  6. Keep your website up to date. Ideally you should be running a website which has a content management system you can easily manage yourself, particularly the simple things like adding ‘news’ items, keeping any dated events up to date etc.. Google also likes active websites so making regular tweaks can help your search engine ranking.

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