Sales Tricks and Sales Treats

Sales tricks sales treats is episode #187  of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast that went live on the week running into Halloween 2021. 

Sales tricks sales treats can be applied to any business of any size. 

Here are the sales tricks sales treats

So here are the sales tricks which are fully explained during the podcast:

  • Offer alternatives when putting together your sales pitch or proposal.
  • Arrange meetings at unusual times – say 2:50pm or 11:20am – you’ll get noticed and the person you want to meet with will think a meeting at 2:50pm will be much shorter than one at 3pm
  • How to remember someone’s name – simply repeat it 3 times in conversation
  • Send a video sales proposal alongside your normal written one – this can be make a huge difference – not only will you stand out but you can build trust through a video that you can’t via a written proposal. 
  • Get better at the things you are already better than your competition at – sound obvious but in doing so you grow the gap between you and your competitors. 
  • Open up virtual meetings 15 minutes before the start time – that gives you a chance to build rapport with other early arrivals. Do the same if you attend an event, particularly a networking event. 

And the treats:

  • Surprise and delight your customers – a thank you card is a great way to do this
  • Take them to lunch!
  • Share ideas with them – we all love ideas! 
  • Run any event or webinar which is of real value to those who come along – make it interesting and memorable 
  • Treat yourself! 

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