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I help business leaders and their teams win more business

i show them how to deliver confident presentations, winning sales pitches and successful day to day sales interactions

i work with B2B organisations particularly in the technology, professional services and marketing sectors

Here’s the digital version of my new booklet which describes the services I can offer you in 2024 including:

Presentation Coaching – One to One sessions on Zoom 

Presentation Training for your team – Delivered In-Person or Virtually 

Business Leader Mentoring – for owners / leaders of SME’s 

Fractional Sales Director – for SME’s who don’t have a Sales Director 2

Presentations are golden opportunities to win new business, motivate teams, attract investors. I’ll show you how to engage, educate, enthuse and to a degree entertain whoever you are presenting or pitching to. I’ll help you prepare, plan and practice so you have the edge over your competitors. 

A great presentation or pitch isn’t just about pressing the clicker and talking about each slide it’s about your interaction with your audience, your people skills, your listening and watching skills, your readiness to be flexible and to help the audience to say ‘yes’ to your idea or proposal. 

Here are the four presentation training / coaching options I have to offer you:

Key presentations in business could be to clients, colleagues, investors or at an event. I’ll ensure you don’t waste this golden opportunity. 

I’ll work with you on the structure, content, flow and delivery to help you achieve that successful outcome. 

Helping you as a Business Leader become a confident, successful and inspiring business presenter and speaker.

Whether you are presenting to colleagues, investors, board members, clients or potential clients.

Designed to give your team the skills and confidence they need to deliver confident and successful client presentations in a variety of situations. 

One or two days in-person or shorter, more frequent virtual sessions.

Designed to help ambitious business people become stand-out, high profile and successful business presenters. 

Having great presentation skills is a key asset for high achievers. I’ll help you become that top presenter. 

Sales – all businesses need them. With almost 40 years of B2B sales experience at various levels I’ll show you how to create sales opportunities, to make it easier for your customers to buy and show you why asking questions and listening are more important than talking!  

I’ll also help you win more sales pitches through pre-sales pitch sessions with those delivering the pitch and if you are sales leader I’ll help you with sales strategy, team activity and revenue growth plans as well as one to one mentoring as both a sales and business leader. 

Here are the four sales training / coaching / mentoring options I have to offer you:

What difference will it make to you and your company if you a key sales pitch you are planning to deliver? What would that be worth to you? 

I’ll work with you on the structure, content, flow and delivery to help you achieve that successful outcome. 

Aimed at Business Leaders who don’t have a sales background but are leading the sales drive for their SME. I’ll help you with sales planning. strategy, activity, growth ideas….

Choose from 50 minute sessions or a monthly coaching plan.  

Designed to give your team the skills and confidence they need to generate sales whether they are ‘salespeople’ or handle  ‘sales’. 

One or two days in-person or shorter, more frequent virtual sessions whichever best suits your needs. 

Aimed at growing SME’s who aren’t yet big enough to have on-board a full-time experienced Sales Director.

I’ll fill that gap for you for the equivalent of two days a month using my sales knowledge and expertise to help you grow your sales revenues. 


The ultimate guide to setting, planning and delivering business and running goals way beyond your comfort zone.

Ideal for those looking to get better at business and running – all royalties from the book go to Children’s Hospice South West. 

The ultimate guide to creating, planning and delivering better, more confident and more successful business presentations.

For current and would-be business presenters and speakers. Royalties go to Children’s Hospice South West.


Helping listeners deliver better, more successful and more confident presentations and sales pitches.

First aired in February 2018. An array of global business guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 270 episodes.  

Helping would be ultra marathon runners plan, train for and achieve their running goals, particularly log distance.  

First aired in August 2019. An array of running sector guests providing tips, insights and ideas. Currently over 125 episodes.

Speaking at your
business event or in-house conference

I have choice of three speaking subjects for you: 

Win that Sales Pitch : Deliver Confident and Successful Presentations : Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon. All designed to for 20 or 30 minute slots.

Presentation and Sales Pitch Training

The 7 second resume: 29 years with Northcliffe Media from selling ads to managing an 8 figure target and leading 300 people. Started own sales / presenting consultancy Sept 2012. Loving every minute of it. 

Why work with me?...

If you hire me to help you and your team deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations, sales pitches and day to day sales interactions I will bring to your organisation:

Energy and Momentum – lets make success happen!

Advice and Ideas – all the tips and techniques you need 

Challenge and Guidance – you know you can do better!

Entrepreneurial thinking – understanding your customer 

My aim is to make whatever we work together on a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

It will be fast paced, challenging and fun. To start the ball rolling book that no obligation Zoom call via the button below. 

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