2025 Arc of Attrition : TRAINING DIARY

This training diary was originally set up to log my build up to the Arc of Attrition 50 at the end of January 2024.

However at the end of October 2023 an old lower left leg injury burst back into life forcing me to withdraw 14 miles in during the Lighthouse Marathon and with the deferral date only three days later I felt I had no option but to defer my place to the 2025 edition.

You can find the training diary for 2024 on another page. This one starts at that Lighthouse Marathon event and plus my journey to the Arc 50 in January 2025. 

And here is a brief reminder of how I got into this long-distance running nonsense in the first place….

On May 22nd 2021 I completed the 44 coastal path Ultra Marathon the ‘Classic Quarter’. I was 60 years and 50 days old. The run plan had started in February 2019 when inspired by the keynote speaker at a business event I was also speaking at I found myself announcing my Classic Quarter plan. I started telling everyone my plan and the momentum started.

The Running 44@60 podcast was launched in August 2019 as a motivational and learning tool. During the lockdown year of 2020 I racked up 159 outdoor  runs and 1105 miles. Both personal records since I had started a running diary at the end of 2003.

At the beginning of 2021 my daughter Bethany helped me launch a fundraising campaign which in the end raised over £7000 for the Music Therapy Programme at Children’s Hospice South West. ‘So what happens next?’ people asked  once the run was complete. Obvious really – a book ! ’12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon’ was completed by the end of 2021 and went on sale in January 2022. That was it I had proved I could run 44 miles at 60, raise a ton of money and write a book. Time to play golf or take up bowls! 

Except at the end of January 2022 my Classic Quarter buddy (we ran as a relay of two in 2020 and both of us did the full run in 2021) Andy Williams was in the Arc 50 and I was part of his crew team. A very different run. It was obviously different weather to May 2021, including less rain, but also colder and darker! I was hooked though. I had to have a crack at this. So I started telling everyone I was going to run the Arc 50 in 2024…..now of course 2025 

What have I done! 


Accepting a £1 bet from speaker Jim Lawless
How my ultra running career began....accepting a £1 bet from global speaker Jim Lawless as I announce my intention to run the Classic Quarter in 2021

June 2024 - x runs x miles - 177 days to the Arc 50!


  • 23rd – Sunday – Smugglers Scuttle – 12.5 – 72  – now came a real test – this is an out and back course on the ARC route starting at Lands End going to Cape Cornwall with th return around point up to monument where Pirate Keith hands out the booty! When we started gathering at Lands End in advance of the 10am start it was very foggy and a bit drizzly. I decided to wear a short sleeved base layer under my TRC run shirt. Half a mile in I had to take it off as I was already heavily sweating. There was no direct sunshine but no wind either but I continued to sweat a lot – more so than usual. Was this linked to the Nuropon tablet I had taken to see off toothache just before the start? I got to the turn around in 1:40 and finished in just over 3:21 so roughly even splits taking into account the time at the change around for a photo with the Pirate, collect the booty etc…I run with a woman for half of the first half and most of the second before finally going past her with a couple miles to go. I then pass a few others so feeling strong as I run my 30th and 31st miles of the weekend. I’m slightly dizzy at the end but only very slightly and do some stretches and chatting including with Phoebe who I went past with a mile to go and was an old friend of my daughter. It takes me a while to slowly walk back to the car – and then a very slow change before a brief wander around – thought about an ice cream but a single scoop was £3.55! I had a protein shake, a flask of green tea and food with me. 
  • 22nd – Saturday Trelissick Parkrun 18.5 – 59.5 – During my run round on my own on the 1st I had this thought about running before the official parkrun on the Saturday nearest to the longest day. That’s this Saturday. My planning suggested I could cover 5 ‘park runs’ allowing 45 minutes for the run including the change around starting at what I thought would be enough light on the wooded start at 4.45am. I had a recurrence of toothache on Friday and it was raining in the late afternoon. I woke initially at 3am! A bit early as I planning to leave at 4:15am but enabled me to get the porridge on. Here’s what happened: Run 1: Start 4:42am Run Time 32:57 – Run 2 – 5:24am 32:35 – Run 3 – 6:07am 32:27 – Run 4 – 6:47am 32:23 – Run 5 – 7:29am 30:18 – so I was finished just after 8am – took my bags back to the parkrun briefing area then to car to get changed ready for main parkrun. I did get a shout out for the 5 I had done. I started near the front and was keen to know how after an hour’s break and 15.5 miles my legs would respond. They were ok. My checkpoint times were good and when I reached the small fence bit in 26:50 I knew I had a sub 30 chance – and I did it – 29:43! Very pleased with that. 
  • 15th – Saturday Trelissick Parkrun 3 – 41 – 27:27 – my fastest on the course this year by 5 seconds – over stream at 6:59, into field at 10:08 back over stream at 19:15
The first of my pre-park run 'parkruns' - started at 4:42am - time of 32:57
The fifth of my pre-park run 'parkruns' - started at 7:29am - time of 30:18
  • 13th – Thursday – 4 – 38 – 5km from 108 cafe and back with a few people from  Francis clarke – designed as Running Networking its a good way to start what turns into another very wet day. 
  • 12th – Wednesday – 5 – 34 – club night and I do  coach session on the Truro chill field with Stuart and Andrew but we only have 3 takers which is a bit of a shame. 
  • 11th – Tuesday – I was originally unavailable for cricket thinking I would be helping J & C move stuff into storage but with a place in Canterbury secured they are hoping to avoid storage so I drive back on Sunday but wasn’t added to the team for a massive 9 wicket hammering by Gloucestershire so I do a rare treadmill session – building up pace to complete 5km in 29.55 then doing a very steady 10k increasing the incline by 1% every lap to get to 10% near the finish. 
  • 8th – Saturday – 3.2 – 29 –  a repeat of the same course, this time with Jim and this time instead of paddling we do a bit of beach combing, the beach is all stones and we head towards the now redundant Dungeness power stations as we can’t go to the right because that is closed off as it forms part of the over shooting for the firing range.
  • 7th – Friday – 3 – 26 –   Beth and I run nice and steadily from our AirB&B down to the sea, have a paddle in the sea and then come back along the same vehicle track. This is near Camber Sands where we have a place for three nights to take in Beth’s birthday on Sunday.
  • 5th – Wednesday – 8.7 – 23 – I arrive in Brighton around lunchtime having left at 6:30am and with Jim and Cass not due back from flat hunting until 6pm I go for a run along the seafront starting at the flat. I go all the way along the front to the point where on both the half and full marathon race turned in from off the road onto the seafront finish. Its 3.7 miles from the flat so I ran back and then go further east to past the outdoor swimming pool and then turned back along the front and back up to the flat – I was thinking about aiming for 10 miles but in the end decided to settle for 90 minutes.
  • 2nd Sunday – Run / Burst – 11.2 – 14 – this is something I’ve made up and it takes me down the newham trail out to the Malpas turning circle and back – I start the first 30 second burst after 1 mile and then repeat it every half mile – putting in what I think is a 80 to 90% effort during the burst. It’s amazing how quickly each half mile comes round so a definite good thing to do and I try in the recovery period is to get my heart rate down is close to zone two as possible.The run takes 1:56.
  • 1st – Saturday Trelissick Parkrun 3 – 3 – 28.27 – I run the course on my own at 7:30 AM and then organise the pacing as I have to leave to get back for a full day on the Zoom for my running coaches course – which feels a little bit disorganised as we have two instructors different to the ones we had in Taunton and it doesn’t feel hugely joined up between what we did in Taunton with what we are covering today.

May 2024 - 10 runs 56 miles - 207 days to the Arc 50!

With son Jim at the Trevornick 10k - he was always ahead of me - gap at the end 1:22
A paddle in the sea at Dungeness during the June 7th run with Beth -
  • 29th – Wednesday – Club Night – 9.5 – 56 –  I lead a St Clements run with Colin on the Truro Trails 10k course. 
  • 27th – Monday – Social Run – 10 – 46.5 –  I go  to the social night run on Monday for the first time in a while after the Tuesday cricket match was yet again cancelled – that’s the third match out of six that hasn’t taken place so far this year – I run down to the park and then go with the group after it less before returning into town and then I drop off the group and then tackles some long hills, firstly thinking it would be good to get 8 miles and then readjusting that to 10 so I’m running according to my watch for 1:53 overall at the pace of 11:10 – I’m happy with that and it’s just exactly what I needed to start to rekindle the motivation to get training – I really enjoy the racing but getting out and training is the tough bit
  • 25th – Saturday ParkRun – 3 – 36.5 –   Jim and I  do the park run and not surprisingly he beats me – this time by 36 seconds in 26:56 with me 27:32 which was an improvement on last week and the fastest this year for me.
  • 22nd – Club Night – 4.5 – 33.5 –  last Wednesday we had the spring version of the club 5K handicap and this Wednesday I run a planned coaching session which I need to do for my coaching course – I do think or changing pace which I set up in Boscawen park. A couple of glitches – firstly my support leader – MCT – only told me that his watch does miles and not metres as we were leaving the club despite me telling him the part of his role was to mark a course out of 70 and 30 m intervals – this was around the perimeter of the park on the 1 km loop and to be used at the end of the session – you marked it out as part of a warmup but then when the runners did the session at the end they reported back that some of the cones had gone missing – the general public love a good cone to throw around, even though they are the small ones that sit basically on the ground and they also reported that the ones that were there were clearly out of sync so a bit of a learning curve there! the upside was that I had 12 people take part from a range of abilities and they seemed to really enjoy themselves
  • 19th Sunday – Trevornick 10k – 6 -29 one of my favourite races particularly as they do very good everyday T-shirts and obviously my name is on all of them! Jim has been here for a week so he’s on the start line as well. He starts off quicker than me and soon builds a gap of a minute or so which when I time it about halfway is a minute and a half – I can’t close the gap and in the end he is 1:22 ahead of me in 56:40 with me finishing in 58:02 – that compares with 56:49 in 2022 and 54:49 in 2019 – one thing I find slightly puzzled about this event is that it is part of the Cornwall grand prix road running series but it is entirely off road – indeed more off-road than many of the multi-terrain race series events – anyway I’ve now completed the first six of the GP series for 2024 and I’m lying in third place in the category table – I am booked in for the next two events both in July which will then give me the eight races from which your best positions are taken
  • 18th – Saturday Trelissick Parkrun – 3 – 23 – 27:46 on the original course – legs felt heavy before the start – still though my fastest time this year – would be good to go sub 27 on this course over the summer 
Running 44@60 training in Weston Super Mare
A misty morning in Weston Super Mare - the prom is a great place to run
The Trelissick parkrun pacing team back in action for the first time in 2024
The Trelissick parkrun pacing team back in action for the first time in 2024


  • 12th – Sunday – Training Run – 7 – 20 –  I go for a run along the top road following the path all the way down to where the new football stadium is being built but where the path isn’t yet complete to go all the way to the bridge which is new and now crosses the A30 for pedestrians – when there is complete it will be a nice run which will probably be a good 10 miles out and back.
  • 11th – Saturday ParkRun Pacing – 3 – 13 –  I’ve sort of taken over the organisation of pacing which has been delayed until we return to the traditional course – so we get a full team out even minutes from 22 all the way through to 40 which is me – it is a real challenge to try and pace correctly especially when you’re pacing a run much lower than you would normally do.
  • 8th – Wednesday Weston Super Mare – 6 – 10 – I played cricket in Gloucestershire on Tuesday and then I went to a business show as an exhibitor in Filton on the edge of Bristol on Thursday so there was no point in coming back to Truro and the hotels around Filton were very expensive so I ended up going to the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare – I had been once before probably 12 years ago or so when Beth laid in a concert competition there for St Keverne Band. I’m out for a run at 7am going along the prom then following some roads parallel to the seafront or returning with a plan to run for just an hour – the prom is very flat and later on before I’m involved in online session link to my coaching course in the evening I go back down to the prom and watch all the runners and particularly their arm movements and their feet position.
  • 4th & 5th  Saturday & Sunday –  I’m up in Taunton for day one and two of my running coaches course – I really enjoy it, keen to organise some coached sessions.
  • 1st – Wednesday Club Night – 4 – 4 – I take a coached session based on a 1km loop of Boscawen park with runners doing 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% in 200m intervals – I run there na back and do a lap with them to set up the course. 

April 2024 - 8 runs 67 miles - 238 days to the Arc 50!

Trevor Lee - Run Like Hell
Pick from 'Run like Hell' - this is on the way back with steps in the background
Trevor Lee Run Like Hell 2024
I think this is also on the way back - not quite sure where
  • 27th – Saturday Trelissick parkrun – 3 – 67 – I think the Brighton Marathon followed by two competition runs on the following two weekends finally caught up with me during supporting Dave’s virtual London Marathon. I joined him and Tim at 9 miles and I was struggling a bit to keep up thinking Dave was going too fast. After thinking I was in a play cricket this year I played on Tuesday and covered almost 5 miles according to my GPS in the field, even though I fielded at first slip for the first eight overs or so. By Wednesday I was feeling completely knackered! So this is my first run six days and after a torrid wet winter we are finally back on the original course. I’m very happy with 27:52 but is technically my fastest at is venue this year and looking at my records I only went faster than this twice in 2023.
  • 21st – Sunday Dave W’s Virtual London – 7 – 64 –  TRC runner Dave Wilcox has tried several times to get into London through the ballot and not made it so he’s now running his own version starting at 2 PM and I join him for 7 miles of it between miles 9 and 16. 
  • 20th – Saturday Run Like Hell – 8 – 57 –  Back racing again this time the second year of this event which starts and finishes at Hells Mouth Cafe on the north coast not far from Godrevy and is essentially an out and back to Portreath. It’s my first run on the coastal path this year and it’s good to record some landmark points as this is part of the Arc course. My time in 2023 was 1:31:55 so I’m really pleased to have beaten that by quite a bit in 1:27:11.
  • 17th – Wednesday TRC Clubnight – 7 – 49 –  I saunter up to club night and back, with the back fit after enjoying several slices of pizza as it’s our spring pizza night and I run about 4 miles or so with the transition group
  • 14th – Sunday An Res Helly – 10 – 42 – this is race number five in the Cornish Grand Prix series for 2024 and it’s the first time I’ve completed the first five in what is a series of 13 with the best 8 races to count towards your final position. I first did this race according to my running diary in 2006 in 1:19:12, I also did it in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2019 which was my slowest at 1:30:19. Given it’s only seven days since Brighton I’m not expecting to get near that time but after a steady start I catch up with several of my teammates with a message that they will no doubt re-catch me at about 7 miles but they don’t! And I’m delighted with 1:33:57 given that my target was to try and sneak just under 1:40 – my brother Richard and his wife Jo arrived for a week in Cornwall the previous day and so that afternoon I meet up with them at their holiday place near Redruth and enjoy the hot tub that comes with it.
  • 13th – Saturday Trelissick parkrun – 3 – 32 – First run since Brighton and feeling okay – we are still on the winter course and I do 28:32 which is not far away from my best time on this course this year of 28:15
Rob Deering with Trevor Lee at Brighton Komedia
With Rob Deering who headlined the Comedy Club
Trevor Lee relaxing after finishing the Brighton Marathon
Relaxing after finishing the Brighton Marathon
  • 7th – Sunday – Brighton Marathon – 26 – 29 – What an amazing day! The sun came out and the spectators came out in their droves. My wave is started by Paula Ratcliffe at 10:30am – I’m recording for the podcast on the way round and I’m going to be using the Jeff Galloway method – four minutes running one minute walking. I’m keen to be under five hours – my last marathon 18 months ago at Loch Ness saw me completely blow up in the second half and turn a 2:11 first half into a total time of 5:08. and through the first half here in 2:16 and I complete second half into 2:26 – without doubt the crowds were a massive help and so I think in the last 4 or 5 miles was the Jeffing as I set myself a goal of running 0.36 miles during each of the four minute running segments in those last few miles. For a time in the middle of the run I was with the 4:30 pacers trying to get ahead of them by at least 30 to 40 seconds when I was running as they then caught me up during the walk. I dropped behind them probably around 18 or 19 miles but at around 23 miles I saw the 4:45 pacers coming towards me up on a different side so knew I was well ahead of them. The last couple of miles followed the same route as the half marathon although I couldn’t remember exactly where that finished but we emerged onto the Hove Prom with about 1.4 miles to go. It was a great feeling to get to the 25 mile marker. I walked for the 55th at 4:34 with less than a mile to go and I knew then that I wouldn’t be walking at 4:39 because I was looking very good to be under 4:45 and I didn’t want to walk in front of all those amazing people lining the route on both sides to the finish including Jim and Cass who were only a few yards from the finish cheering like mad on my side of the route and I completely missed them I was so focused on that finish line. Here are the splits:
  • 5k –   31:27     31:27
  • 10k – 32:47    1:04:14
  • 15k – 32:17     1:36:31
  • 20k – 31:43    2:08:14
  • Halfway          2:15:38
  • 25k – 32:40    2:40:54
  • 30k – 32:23    3:13:17
  • 35k – 36:15     3:49:32
  • 40k – 37:22    4:26:54
  • Finish             4:42:13
  • 6th – Saturday – Hove Prom Parkrun – 3 – 3 It’s quite a long walk from Jim and Cass’s flat to the Hove promenade parkrun but it is a good flat course so a chance to just stretch the legs before tomorrow’s marathon – I try to take it relatively easy but then push on to make sure I finish in under 27 minutes which I do in 26:54
Trevor Lee a few yards from the finish of the Brighton Marathon
A few yards from the finish - so focused I didn't see Jim and Cass taking this pic
Trevor Lee Mid race Brighton Marathon
Think this was around the middle of the race

March 2024 - 10 runs 73 miles - 268 days to the Arc 50!

  • 29th – Friday – 10 mile Jeffing – 10 – 73 – It’s  nine days to the Brighton Marathon feel as though I need to do a good decent stretch and practice the run walk method so I set my watch for the formalities of running the one minute walking and I go up to the top road and I thought the new cycle/running path was complete all the way out to the old roundabout on the A30 but 3.4 miles along the road I realised that wasn’t the case so I came back and then double back on myself again to get up to 10 miles. I was happy with the pace of around 9:40 – this will be with the exception of the park run my last run before the Brighton Marathon and as usual I am thinking I done enough training – especially as I missed a few days in a back-to-back weekend at the start of March.
  • 25th – Monday – TRC Monday night club – 6.5 – 63 – It’s my turn to lead the group and although we are nearly the end of March it’s a pretty horrible lie so it’s full on wet weather gear all round for about 10 of us
  • 23rd – Saturday – Parkrun at Trelissick – 3 – 56.5 –  Beth creates a family park run record because she ran where Bluebell who is the dog of Tom and Jenna who Beth is looking after for the day – she does well break in 35 minutes and I’m just under 29 minutes – we then go for a long walk with the dog around Idless Woods
  • 22nd – Friday – Newham with Beth – 5.5 – 53.5 –  Beth arrived on Thursday evening so we went for a heart rate zone run along the Newham Trail and back
  • 20th – Wednesday – Club Night – 7.5 – 48 –  I run to the club and then take part in one of the loops around town but don’t run back to the club
  • 17th – Sunday – Falmouth Half  – 13 – 40.5 – This is part of my back-to-back training for the Brighton Marathon and I’m very sluggish through the first 3 miles and then reach halfway in 69 minutes but the sun comes out and I go back to a goal that I used to set myself in the days when I ran these events without being a club member and that is to assume it halfway I’m in 20th position and I need to get on the podium. This worked for me really well as I ran better in the second half and I ended up overtaking 60 people in that second half to finish in a time of 2:13:45, so given the 10 miles I done the previous day I was pretty pleased with that, especially given that I have lost a back-to-back weekend at the beginning of the month after having the cough that I couldn’t shake off.
  • 16th – Saturday – Parkrun at Trelissick – 10 – 27.5 – It’s my 100 volunteer role at Trelissick Park run and my 101st overall which I took a bit of time to remember where the other one had been turns out and I do remember it now that in the early days when I was going to Lanhydrock I marshalled one point. So I do set up first and then do the park run in 29:06 and then I go through the finish funnel, jump to the car, slip on the small hydration vest and head off on a circuit around the parson trials that by the time I get back to the car means I’ve done 10 miles altogether.
  • 13th – Wednesday – 8.5 – 17.5 – I join the performance group and we go down to Boscawen Park and do by 1 km laps with a two minute walk between laps five times at half marathon pace. It starts just beyond the end of the car park finishes between a lamppost and another sign just before the mini roundabout and then you walk across the car park back to the start and do another lap. I’m pleased with my consistency as I do they fit on the path around the park between 2:44 and 2:47 every lap, getting to the 20 mph sign just under five minutes and completing  each lap just under six minutes. 
  • 11th – Monday – 6 – 9 – I lead the TRC Monday night social / recovery run –  on a bit of  zig zag around the city. 
  • 9th – Saturday – 3 – 3 – Trelissick Parkrun – the weather has been so bad that we are still using the winter course – I’m happy with 28:32

February 2024 - 15 runs 128 miles - 330 days to the Arc 50!

February was a new personal best for miles completed in a single calendar month. After doing the back-to-back runs which I was really pleased with on the Tuesday I developed a dry cough – with this been a leap year February extended to day 29 which was Thursday so an opportunity to get one or two short runs in and get to 130 miles+. On Wednesday 28th I was booked in at the Cornwall Run Lab for a VO2 max test. The cough was getting worse and it was decided that I would start the test but if during the treadmill part I started coughing, bearing in mind I would be wearing a mask over my nose and mouth, then we would have abort the test and I would do it another time. I did wonder whether that would be the sensible option anyway because with the cough I risked not getting a proper result for where I was at, but the other side of that coin was that I had done a lot of mileage in January and February so in theory my level of fitness should be for me pretty good.

The first part of the test involves sitting on a chair wearing the mask kit for 10 minutes with no talking or indeed doing anything else. It’s a long 10 minutes!

Part two was on the treadmill which was set at 0% and the initial speed was set at 3.7 kph which I did for three minutes as a warm up. 

The speed then increased by 0.6 kph every minute until I could essentially no longer carry on with the idea being that I would simply jump onto the sideboards of the treadmill so it could be stopped. I managed to do quite a lot of extra minutes – I think something like 15 or 16 to get up to around 19 minutes in total and by that time the speed was close to 13 kph. I probably could have done one more minute but I was concerned about the fact that I’d avoided coughing but my breathing was getting more laboured in the mask so I decided enough was enough.

The cough got definitely worse on Thursday and Friday to the extent that I pulled out of Cousin Jack on the Saturday as well as Andy Brown’s 60th birthday curry that night.

The following week I was away with work which included two nights in the Village hotel in Bournemouth which had a fantastic 25 m indoor pool and a massive gym. I was there on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and on the first night I went swimming for the first time in ages and did 40 lengths so 1 km and then on the second night I use the stepping cross trainer and the staircase machine followed by a 20 length swim.

I got back on the Friday morning and Saturday was then my first run for almost 2 weeks.

  • 25th – Sunday – 10 – 128 – Looe 10 –  this is race three of the Cornish Grand Prix series and the first time I’ve done all three of those first three. My legs feel okay after yesterday and I remember to take my small hydration vest utilising the new Ginger isotonic drink which I planned to test the previous day. It is horrendously wet! It is raining all the way to Looe and it is quite a challenge to get out of the car and go to registration without getting soaked and then again to the toilets about 20 minutes before the race starts. So like everyone else I’m taking shelter in my car until the last minute, and fortunately the race starts from the massive car park which everyone is using. Given the run yesterday I’m aiming to be under 12 minute miles which would get me in in under two hours although I have done this before in 1:42 and 1:43. At the halfway point I’m just over 55 minutes so I readjust my target to nearer 1:50 knowing that the last mile will be quite fast given it was very uphill at the start. Stick in two quick miles – 9:27 and 9:00 for 6 and 7 then there is a mighty hill in mike 8 (13:17) but I speed up in mile 9 (10:19) and latest mile is mile 10 downhill and then back through the town to the finish in the car park (8:51) – I’m home in 1;45:44 and its still raining although not as heavy. I am grateful for my friends Bob and Jill Fleming who invited me to their penthouse flat on the harbour front for a hot shower and lunch. 
  • 24th – Saturday – 13 – 118 – Cardinham Woods Half Marathon – first leg of the weekend that the back to back runs – it’s very damp and there are lots of big uphills but I set my goal to run of sorts up all of them – schoolboy error was leaving my hydration vest in the kitchen and this was supposed to be a cupless event but unfortunately I took two with me to give to one of my cricket friends who only needed one. I was round in 2:22 which given the nature of the course I was happy with. This event was organised by an independent company Purple Gecko and as with all these kind of events the question of value comes in given that the entry fee was £35 and the only thing you received was a generic medal but didn’t actually specify the particular event. There was one water station which was a help yourself one which you passed twice. There was no chip timing and you had to pay effectively £6 to park at the venue. I’ve no idea if there were any prizes I certainly didn’t see any and there was no mention of prize-giving. I’m not sure if the marshals were paid. Would  I do this again? Probably not for £35 but I might pay £37 to be a local member of  Cardinham Woods and get free parking but that would mean needing to go seven times a year or more to cover the daily parking charge.
  • 19th – Monday – 5 – 105 – TRC Monday night group – a nice steady run which usefully came back close to the house so I said cheerio having run to the start. That’s it now until the back to back weekend runs.
  • 18th – Sunday – 18 – 100 – long run that I didn’t do on Friday. Legs feeling  tired from all the mileage in February but by the time I have some porridge breakfast and set a goal of getting out there just after 9 am and I knew the course I had plotted as well – so down the Newham trail into Truro down to Idless out to Shortlanesend back roads to Threemilestone – road the back of TMS down to New Mills back into Truro and then along Coosebean and back to get in 18 miles. Which took me just a tad over three hours 40 minutes so an average pace of 12:12 which was okay given the fact that there were several hills and I was deliberately trying to run a bit slower. it means I have completed 100 miles in February, something I did according to my records in 2021 but with two events planned next weekend I will go a little bit over the 100 all things being equal.
  • 17th – Saturday – 3 – 82 –  No long run on Friday – legs felt too tired after the Wed session. The Merrell Agility Peak 5’s have arrived so I wear them doing set up. 28:22 is an ok time although when I crossed the stream in 20:15 I thought I could beat 28 mins. 
  • 14th – Wednesday – 9.5 – 79 –  TRC Club Night Run – our regular coaches Stu and Andrew are unavailable so I offer to take the hill reps session – the same one I did in January – 9 of us which is great – 1.5 miles to start area – which I initially get wrong and then we’re off – 11 reps 18 minutes on the pyramid in minutes: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 –  a great effort and a surprising distance covered 
  • 12th – Monday – 6 – 69.5-  TRC Monday Night Run – nice and steady – that’s 4 days on the trot so rest on Tuesday
  • 11th – Sunday – 6.5 – 63.5-  Its cricket nets and whilst I want to be there I also don’t want to be there so I come up with a cunning plan which takes me on a recovery run out towards the golf club, back among Coosebean and after 5.3 miles and is up at the sports centre where the cricket nets are. I sneak up onto the balcony where there are couple of rows of seats to watch from and then there aren’t that many cricketers there so I’m kind of glad I didn’t make the effort to go and practice, I stated 10 minutes and then run back home.
  • 10th – Saturday – 3 – 57 – Trelissick parkrun 300th  anniversary event with fancy dress encouraged I’m up for it with the cricket gear which will be a good test given that I did the mileage yesterday and I was up early to do the setup today – 33:49 is good, especially given the fact that I thought I was running really quite slowly in the first 2K in particular, and the kit got a bit wet as very unusually it was raining quite heavily during the briefing.
  • 9th – Friday – 18.5 – 54 –  It’s the solo Friday morning run and it’s the longest one for quite a long time and taking the onto the roads around Calenick and Cowlands which have some mighty hills, back into town then out back to Malpas, up Tregolls out to Coosebean. 3 1/2 hours in total which is around about 11:20 mile pace
  • 7th – Wednesday – 4 – 35.5 – It’s club night but I’ve agreed to represent the club at a meeting at the rugby club where we meet today with local sports collaborations and initiatives so I only get the mileage from running an extended to and then back from the club. And the meeting leaves me a little bit perplexed as after it’s finished and still no idea what it was about!
  • 5th – Monday – 6.5 – 31.5 – Monday night gang – felt a bit steady – no front running tonight. 
  • 4th – Sunday – 6 – 25 – Newquay 10k – race 2 of the 2024 Cornwall GP series. With 46 miles in the last 6 days this is a good test. Its 700+ field and everyone race off – 16:34 for 2 miles is good and I keep that pace going finishing in 52:30 which is faster than 53:43 in 2022. According to my running diary my fastest 10k since one in Redruth in 2009 when I was 49:06. 
  • 3rd – Saturday – 3 – 19 – Parkrun day! Up early to set up with Andy Williams and record a podcast at the same time about his St Ives velar management. Still on the winter course at Trelissick and happy to get round in 29:15
  • 2nd – Friday – 16 – 16 – Having missed a long run last Friday it was important to get back into that routine immediately and so my course today involved going up Tregolls Road, Idless, Shortlanesend, Threemilestone, Newham Trail. I took with me some hot cross bun with crunchy peanut butter and I’m trying some new contact lenses so I wore them throughout the run. After about 4 miles, even though I’d had a couple of big efforts before I left, I really wanted a poo! to the extent that I started thinking about how I could do it somewhere in the countryside. I tried very hard not to think about it but that was quite tricky and it was slightly made worse when I had to keep eating! And then as I was coming towards the end of mile nine in a field alongside the road there were two portaloos and no one around. It was a daffodil field. I clambered over the gate, slipping on the drop-down side and nearly wrenching my shoulder only to discover not unexpectedly that they were locked. So my next plan was the park-and-ride. But when I got towards that I didn’t really want to lose momentum so kept on going into threemilestone and then enquired at the bus stop if there were public loos around. a man at the bus stop pointed me in the direction of the community centre, so I snuck in there whilst there was some what looked like dancing going on and boy how pleased was I to be out assured what felt like a few pounds! That was just before the completion of mile 10 and I smashed out 10 minute mile after that! I was pleased to do what was 16.2 miles and feel okay and run importantly for over three hours, the first time I had done any training run I imagine, but I will need to check, since the preparation for the Loch Ness Marathon in 2021. 

Welcome to 2024!

January 2024 - 17 runs 126 miles - 359 days to the Arc 50!

  • 31st – Wednesday – 9 – 126 – Club night – I lead an off road St Clements run – which by missing a turn slightly adds a bit, so with running there and back I get 9 mile sin to take me to a monthly PB of 126 miles! Spread over 17 runs and not bad considering I didn’t run  on any of the first 4 days of the month. Previous PB was Jan 2023 at 123 and before that April 2020 (lockdown) 122. 
  • 30th – Tuesday – 10 – 117 – Monday night I plan a 10 mile route with the idea when I get back from a client meeting in Newquay – around 12:45 – I’ll go straight out. That’s what I do helped by a lovely afternoon. I go up Tregolls, across to Idless to Shortlanesend, then some back roads before climbing the hill out of New Mills back to Kenwyn road. 
  • 29th – Monday – 7.5 – 107 – I’ve done the achilles stretches and decide to go out with the Monday group. A good run which take some past 100 miles for the month. 
  • 27th – Saturday – 3 – 99.5 – I didn’t do a Friday run to give the legs a rest and knowing I would be at the Penzance checkpoint station for the Arc 100 and then doing park run set up this morning. It takes longer than normal as it’s the reserve route (the field is wet) and I’m following a plan I gleaned from one of the set up team. I run round in 28:15 which is good but I can feel the left achilles a bit towards the end which isn’t great. 
  • 24th – Wednesday – 7.5 – 96.5 – For the second successive Wednesday I join 7 others in the performance group. The coach takes us onto an estate with a lop of around 300m which includes a bit of a hill. We do a lap at 5k pace which are uses to determine pairings. I’m the slowest so I’m paired with the fastest – Anna H – who at the weekend had won the Stormforce 10. I’m feeling under pressure! The session is called ‘back and forth’. One runner goes one way around the course, their partner the other way. When we meet we high 5 and then turn around and run back to the start area. We then repeat swopping starting directions. That is one set. We do 4 of those so 8 runs. The last 2 sets – 4 runs are extended so we run past our partner the first time we see them, then we high five and chase direction and then run past them back to the start. I try to run hard to ensure Anna doesn’t lap me! It’s a great session and I add the mileage by running back and forth to the club. 
  • 22nd – Monday – 6 – 89 – I go out with the TRC Monday night social / recovery run – I can definitely feel tiredness in the legs even though this morning it was every 5/6 weeks sports leg massage but I’ve got my eye on 100 miles in the month and these runs are a good way of building that mileage. 
  • 21st – Sunday – 10 – 83 – Its the first event of the new Cornwall GP season – StormForce 10 – on a day a storm is coming – Storm Isha – not though until after we have all finished.  I have 3 targets in mind – especially given the running over the last 2 days I’ve done. Target 1 is to run under 1:40 which is 10 min miles. Target 2 is to beat 1:32:18 which I did the last time I ran this in 2019 and finally the ‘stretch’ target is Jim’s 2022 effort of 1:27:58. I get a reasonable start and during the run I keep trying to stay with some club mates. Unlike most people I am wearing my small hydro vest which I have Maurtens 160 as my drink. a gel and one of those square bars Endurance Life give out. I’m convinced this helps because after 10k in 53:23 I do keep the pace going and in a sprint finish cross the line in 1:25:54 – I am very pleased with that! My course PB going back to 2005 is 1:21:04. 
Setting a FKT at The Lanhydrock parkrun dressed as a cricketer
All set up at the Running Show for podcast guests


  • 20th – Saturday – 3 – 73 –It’s Saturday and Lanhydrock are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their parkrun and it was there that I had my first ever parkrun  in January 2017, indeed, I ran my first 10 or so there. It is a bit if a tougher course than Trelissick, mainly because it has a very very long uphill in the last 2kms before the finish, which has a couple of particularly steep bits in it, which most people walk up.  They promoted the idea of fancy dress so, of course, I couldn’t resist wearing all the cricket gear, knowing the chances are I would set a fastest known time for someone running the Lanhydrock park run dressed in full cricket gear. The weather had changed overnight and was much milder but still dry. I made a schoolboy error though in that somehow I didn’t manage to not tie my right shoe in the way I would normally and about a third of the way in, I realised I was going to have to stop and tie it up so that meant losing quite a bit of time as I had to take the cricket gloves off and the running gloves I had on underneath the Cricket gloves. Anyway I ran it all and I really pushed hard at the end, because I realised I could still do sub 35 and I came in in 34:40 which, when I checked my records was four seconds quicker than the first time I ran in the cricket gear at Trelissick in 2021.
  • 19th – Friday – 14 – 70 – This is my third successive longest run Friday in a solo on the road run. I’ve been trying to break up the courses so it doesn’t feel too monotonous because I’m back now to the kind of training on my own I was doing in the run-up to the Classic Quarter, so the best part of three years since I did this kind of training. My course today was down the Newham Trail and then out to Malpas and back and then up Tregolls Road which is an uphill for 0.7 of a mile and then across to Idless and then taking the first left in Idless to eventually join the main road back into Truro and then some fiddling around to get to in this case, 14 miles. I took the Harrier hydration vest and in it I had a second pair of gloves. It was dry and sunny but it was very cold and as I got going along the Newham trail my hands were freezing so I stopped and put on the second pair of gloves– I do have a pair of Innov8 mittens and next time I will take with me – that evening we had the Truro Running club awards night which was great fun.
  • 17th – Wednesday – 8 -56 – I run to the club, and then having considered the hills session with Andrew Blizzard during the week, I was persuaded to take part in it, knowing that the other three runners were quicker than me. I have been meaning to do these performance sessions and they are ultimately really beneficial . So after a mile or so to the starting place we set off with a 30 second burst up the hill up this road and then returned back down. We had 30 seconds to recover and then went again, but this time for a minute. This routine was repeated with each uphill session adding 30 seconds each time until we topped out at the top of the pyramid at three minutes and then we came back down the pyramid so overall we did 11 reps and we were running hard uphill for 18 minutes. I felt pretty good and was surprised that I wasn’t a million miles behind some of the others. When we got back down to the minute and a half, minute and 30 seconds to finish I raced off at the start and tried to hang onto the leader for as long as possible. It was a cold but dry evening so perfect for this activity. The next day I felt really tired!
Truro Running Club out in force at Stormforce 10
Compering the keynote session and Q&A at the Cornwall Running Show
  • 15th – Monday – 6 – 48 –   It’s pretty cold but a decent sized group for the Monday night run which is around Truro. 
  • 14th – Sunday – It’s  the Cornwall Running Show and what a great day that was – I recorded 10 individual snippets for the podcast from visitors and compared the only speaking session at midday.
  • 13th – Saturday – 3 – 42 –   It’s Parkrun day and on the winter course at Trelissick which at last been used pre-covid. In theory the course should be a bit easier because there is no hill but the organisers have compensated for that to avoid too many PB’s by making it about 5.15 km. This is my fourth successive day of running and so I’m pleased to sneak in in just under 29 minutes.
  • 12th – Friday – 12 – 39 –  I and determined that Friday’s mornings will be my long run on the road in preparation for the Brighton Marathon. However on this occasion I had what turned out to be a pretty uninspiring hotel breakfast which I couldn’t access until 7:30 AM followed by the 200 mile drive back, so as soon as I got back to Truro around about 11:20 I decided I would get changed immediately do a few stretches gather together my hydration vest and get out for my run which I had pre-prepared course wise. I ran along the Newham Trail, back into town, out to the Malpas turning circle and then back with a bit of fiddling around at the end to get up to 12 miles. this is the first time I’ve done longest solo runs on successive weeks for ages, probably since running the Loch Ness marathon in October 2022.
  • 11th – Thursday – 5 – 27 –  I’m up in Corsham in Wiltshire for the monthly evening meeting of the south-west region of the professional speaking Association. My first such meeting. Check-in at the hotel which is also the venue for the event is at 3 PM and although I enquired and was hardly anybody staying there I was advised no rooms were ready so I changed into my running gear in the toilets and set off with an aim to run 5 to 6 miles nice and steady. it was essentially an out and back route so along the main aid for and then drop down and come back into the town through the middle of the high Street and then at 4 km I turned round and ran back and in the end I ran an average pace of sub- 10 minute miles so I was pretty pleased with that given the exertions of the evening before. I timed my return so that at 3:02 I was able to check-in and was delighted to find I had a room with a bath but the not so delighted to discover that the water was not that hot an it was coming out of the bath tap and the shower at the same time. The hotel felt like a perfect venue for an Agatha Christie murder mystery. All the regional monthly meetings are held here so I will investigate other routes for next time I attend.
  • 10th – Wednesday – 3 – 22 – No ordinary 5K tonight this was the running club 5K  inaugural track handicap championship, which for me along with most of my running club teammate was the introduction to running this distance on the track for the first time. There were two heats – one for those predicting 23 mins+ and one for sub 23 mins. I put in for 26:30 hoping that I might run sub 26 and even possibly get close to 25. I had eaten quite a bit late afternoon and did feel a touch heavy by the time I got to the track for a warmup on what was a bitterly cold evening. Runners were set off depending on their handicap times so it was just me and one of the girls in my group, who I went past at around a 100m mark. I just kept on going running as fast as I go but also recognising I needed to run within myself because it was 12 1/2 laps. Two minutes per lap is the equivalent of a 25 minute 5K and I was just about on that but then mid race I put in a couple of 1:54’s, essentially because I been overtaken by faster runner who I then tried to hang onto as long as possible. Six minute mile pace down the home straight got me home in 24:47 which I was very pleased with.
  • 8th – Monday – 7 – 19 – I didn’t run at the weekend because on Saturday morning we had a family get-together over breakfast as it was Beth’s last full day before heading back to Hampshire so I went out tonight with the social group and it was great running conditions being very cold but no wind and no rain. These Monday night runs are an important part of my training programme as I get 1.6 miles in just getting to the start and then most of the routes go through or end up back in Truro so I can drop out before the end but still get some decent mileage.
  • 5th – Friday – 12 – 12 – My first longish solo training run quite a while and this after during the week doing 5K on the treadmill and 20k on Zwift. in 2020 and 2021 I did quite a lot of solo training runs in preparation for the Classic Quarter but in those days of course we were still in Covid scenarios and you had no choice but to go training on your own. I now have a plan for building up the road mileage in readiness for the Brighton Marathon I think having a plan helps get me out the door on these solo training runs. This one took in the back roads of Truro via Idless and Shortlanesend and as such included a few hills and a bit of to-ing and fro-ing at the end to get it up to 12 miles my time was 2:16 so that in itself was good to run continually for over two hours. I will be doing some indoor stuff which I don’t count as mileage as a way of mixing up the training.
  • 1st – Monday I marshal at the annual Brown Willy event.  

December 2023 - 19 runs 102 miles - 28 days plus one year to the Arc 50!

  • That’s a wrap for 2023!  128 runs and 846 miles. Runs included 15 races and 35 park runs at 8 different venues. Longest run was in theory the 40 miles I did at Hope 24 but all in one go was the 18 mile Cousin Jack. I need to build some long run stamina in January and February. 
  • 31st – Sunday – 7 – 102 – New Year’s Eve –  I need 5 miles to reach 100 for December and to make it only the 2nd month (after January) where I have run 100 miles. I do a solo training run, which has been a rare thing in 2023 and which I need to do lots more of in 2024, heading out to Idless onto Shortlanesend and back via Boskella and New Mills. 
  • 30th – Saturday – 3 – 95 – Penryn parkrun – Trelissick is off due to debris on the course from the high winds so Penryn it is. I’m happy with 27:45 on this 3 lap course which feels like its steady downhill or a pull uphill.
Trevor Lee Boxing Day Run
Mr Colin's Boxing Day Run - Tehidy Woods > Coastal Path > Tehidy Woods
Trevor Lee - Porth - St Anthony's Head Run
Glorious Run on Dec 28th from Porth > St Anthony's Head > Porthscatho > Porth
  • 29th – Friday – 4 – 92 – Out and back to Truro College  not quite the route or scenery of yesterday but having done 10 miles yesterday I’m only 12 away from 100 for December so today’s 4 which I did straight after a couple of hours of digging up brambles in the Community Orchard was a way of getting up to 92 miles with 3 days to go to the end of the year. Leg felt very slow early on but slowly got moving – first mile 11:11 – last mile 8:31 – was aiming to try and run under 45 minutes, then 44 then 40! Got back in 39:15. Trelissick parkrun off tomorrow so may head to Penryn – largely so I can wander aimlessly around B&Q afterwards finding and then no doubt buying stuff I didn’t know I needed! 
  • 28th – Thursday – 10 – 88 – TRC Roseland Run –  organised by Amanda and Jig with a couple of options of 10 and 6 miles. I’m thinking 6 on the basis that I won’t keep up with the 10 milers.  However I’m feeling good and I set off at the front with Jig. 3 miles in at St Anthony’s Head I find myself out front and press on seeing how far I can run before they swallow me up. They don’t! But then I go back to the cafe thinking that I’ll do the other 4 miles but the 10 milers carry on on the coast path os I have run back to try and catch them up which I do. The final couple of miles is back on the road and I’m now at the back as I ease in. That stretch in the lead though made me feel very good. Not often I’m in that position! 
  • 26th – Tuesday – 7.5 – 78 – Mr Colin’s Tehidy Woods and CP Boxing Day Run – Boxing Day and I’m off to Tehidy Woods to join 5 others including course setter Colin Bathe. The route takes in the woods then over some fields to emerge at Hells Mouth cafe. Along the coastal path before cutting back into the woods. 7.7 miles. A great way to run at a good pace. I’ve now done 15 runs and 78 miles in December. There’s a chance of 100 miles but it might mean a long run on the 31st!
  • 25th – Monday – 3 – 70.5 – Christmas Day ‘Parkrun’ – Christmas Day at Polcoverack Farm. There is plenty of interest in doing our own ‘parkrun’ but gradually the field is reduced by various excuses – helped by the poor weather. So down to me and Jim. We follow a route that takes in some very muddy and soggy paths. We run together – mainly because I set the course and don’t tell Jim what it is so he can’t race off! We do 27:55 which I’m pleased with. 
  • 23rd – Saturday – 3 – 67.5 – Parkrun – My son Jim and I run the Trelissick parkrun. Pre-run he claims he hasn’t run much recently and is going to take it easy. Until the RD says ‘go’ and then he shoots off! I don’t see him until I’m coming along the bottom of the field and he’s halfway up the hill. I run hard on the downhill bit and when I get back to the stream I see him one place and about 40 yards ahead. I’m running hard but I can’t push forward and close the gap!  A few runners come past me and Jim is still 50 yards or so ahead. I don’t close the gap. He does 26:56 and I’m home in 27:14 – my second fastest at Trelissick in 2023. 
St Pirans Revenge Trevor Lee
The last stretch of beach before the St Piran's Revenge and I'm getting closer....
St Pirans Revenge Trevor Lee 2
Not far to go and I'm alongside....that competitive edge is still there!
Truro Running Club at St Piran's Revenge
Truro Running Club at St Piran's Revenge
Truro Running Club Monday Night group Dec 18th
Truro Running Club Monday Night group Dec 18th
  • 18th – Monday – TRC Recovery Run 6.5 – 64.5 –  a second run on the same day and as usual this group is pretty quick so I am languishing at the back for all of it except when we came along Redannick Lane. I had run to the start point as usual so I dived off back towards my house as we came back towards the city. This is now the second most runs in a month this year and I was certainly feeling that tonight.
  • 18th – Monday – Beth Run 3.5 – 58 – Beth was back Sunday afternoon and she has bought herself a Garmin watch for Christmas which she has already opened! And was keen to try it out so we walked up to the old football ground and then ran along the Newham Trail for just over 1.5 miles and then came back via a stop off to show her my handiwork at the Truro community Orchard.
  • 17th – Sunday – Bude Coast 7.5 – 54.5 – I was feeling particularly sluggish on this run, but nevertheless it was good to get some additional miles under the belt and gives me a chance of getting close to a hundred miles in this month which after 123 in January would be only the second month of the year with a hundred miles, indeed the second largest mileage month was 79 in June. This was also my 10th run in December, and after the 21 runs in January the second-highest month for actual runs is February and June where I did 11.
  • 16th – Saturday – Tamar Lakes Parkrun 3 – 47 –   This is the second time I have run this once around the lake course with its deceptive inclines and declines – the first time was the week before the Lighthouse Marathon and as in the notes for that run I did feel during the run the Achilles/calf which I’m now convinced was part of why I ended up DNFing. No such problem today and I used a couple of runners slightly ahead of me as pacers but the finish had changed and therefore slightly caught me out so in the end I did 27:05, maybe if I had pushed on knowing where the finish was I could have sneaked under 27.
  • 13th – Wednesday – TRC Mousehole Lights Run –6 – 44 – And so the Christmas lights run continues – this time around 30 or so members meet in Penzance for 7 PM and then we do out and back along the coastal path which is all paved to see the famous Mousehole lights. Having arrived in Cornwall in the summer of 1993 this is my 31st Cornish Christmas and it was only last year for the first time that I visited the Mousehole lights. It was a good run although I have noticed that in recent times I have become a bit of an antisocial group runner. In other words I end up being part of the group but often running on my own, this was certainly the case on the 3 miles back to Penzance. I don’t know why that is. Maybe I got to know everybody on the runs and therefore no longer have those who are you type conversations. It also might be that for whatever reason I’m often setting off too fast on club runs, which was certainly the case on the outward leg so inevitably those I was running with did start to pull away from me and then on the way back I lost contact with the group slightly in front of me. Anyway I’m sure my social running skills will return!
  • 11th – Monday – TRC Recovery Run 10.5 – 38 –   This is my 7th run in 10 days and my longest for quite some time – the run itself was 6.5 miles but it was out at Truro College which door-to-door for me was 2 miles both ways. It was our annual Christmas light run around the streets of Highertown and Three milestone. With Ben Annear having moved back to Cardiff I took on the responsibility of providing the cultural Christmas sounds for the run using one of my Bose speakers and a Spotify Christmas playlist. I also had adorned the back my yellow running jacket with lots of Christmas lights. Despite all the runs I felt pretty good and was pushing hard when it came to some of the hills. Overall a great evening, even though these Christmas runs seem to come round faster every year!
  • 10th – Sunday – St Pirans Revenge 5.5 – 27.5 –  After a test run last year this is a new event for the Cornwall MTRS series – it’s a real back to basics event, the entry fee was only £5, the finishers medal was made from string and seashells and the individual  prizes were made from items the organisers had found on Perranporth beach. I didn’t get my original entry in in time but I did pick up an entry during the week from someone who could no longer make it. Race HQ was the surf lifesaving centre which is located on the beach and the presentations were at the watering hole bar which is also on the beach which I can’t ever remember going to before but which was great. I didn’t take my watch but the 5.5 mile course was both hugely challenging as well as fantastically brilliant to run on and included running across several beaches, up and down some dunes as well as on some coastal path tracks. I had a very slow start but then I gradually haul then those clubmates that I think I should be in this sort of event and came in in a time of 66 minutes. I then voted this my favourite race that I had taken part in and completed in 2023.
  • 9th – Saturday – Trelissick Parkrun– 3 – 22 –  I do set up with Jim Spencer and then run around watchlist in 29:07
  • 6th – Wednesday – TRC Club Night – 5.5 – 19 – It is very wet and as such we have a relatively low turn out – probably about 40 runners and as such six groups become three. We run around the streets of Truro, which despite the weather are still relatively busy because it is late-night Christmas shopping, but then I dive off before they head back to the club.
  • 4th – Monday – TRC Recovery Run – 5.5 – 13.5 –  I am the slowest in the group tonight, plodding around at the back but I did push hard on both Saturday and Sunday and this is supposed to be a recovery run!
  • 3rd – Sunday – Mob Match – 5 – 8 – this is the annual event before the presentation of the Grand Prix awards for the year. Membership growth means that Truro for this particular event are part of Division I when it comes to the team competition which means it’s the first 10 home for the men and women’s team to count. It’s the only event in Cornwall where this happens all the Grand Prix events are first six to count regardless of the size of your club. So I was very excited to discover that I was listed as the 10th man home for Truro in the team event where the club was placed third. But then this moment of running fame gradually unravelled as it was revealed that only the first two teams home in each division were to be awarded prizes. And it was then discovered that one of our team members had had a problem with the timing mat and as such they were properly instated into the finishing order well ahead of me but also pushing me out of the top 10! I joked at the original onset of being in the top 10 that we would get our own prizes organised but then of course dismissed that idea entirely when I realised I was no longer in that top 10! My official time was 43:58 and the only comparison I have was really the same event in 2019 in 41:28.
  • 2nd – Saturday – Lanhydrock Parkrun – 3 – 3 – this is the second coldest Parkrun I have taken part in – Babbs Mill at the start of the year retains the number one slot! It was so cold that the organisers put back the start to 9:30am, something I didn’t realise until I wondered why at 8:30am there was no one around and I began to think it had been called off.  I went for a warmup wearing my winter gloves and my hands got even colder, so much so that I found an old pair of ski type gloves in my car and I ended up wearing them throughout the entire run. I went watchless so had no idea of my time until the email came through and it was 30:45 which given my lack of recent running I was okay with even though I don’t like being over 30 minutes for any Parkrun, but I ran 29:58 last time at this course back in April 2022 so on that basis the time was okay.

November 2023 - 5 runs 30 miles - 57 days plus one year to the Arc 50!


  • 29th – Wednesday – 9 – 30 – TRC Club Night  I am conscious that this is my fifth run in six days having not run for four weeks and it’s quite wet at the moment which might be the reason only Andrew Ferguson joins the run I’m leading on the 5.5 St Clements Loop through the woods and trails, and I manage to fall over but I do come out of it unscathed as far as the Achilles/calf goes. I am doing the stretching exercises I did during my four week of running everyday still.
  • 28th – Tuesday – 5 – 21 – TRC Walk/ Run Group –  keeping the running momentum going I join this group for the first time in ages although I am feeling quite slow despite this being the run / walk group. 
  • 27th – Monday – 7 – 16 – TRC Recovery / Social Run – having got through the runs on Friday and Saturday without any reaction I decide to go to the Monday night club for the first time since October, jogging down to the starting place at Boscawen Park. As I get into the run I’m pushing hard up the hills, aiming to get as close to the faster runners as possible which I do.
  • 25th – Saturday – 3 – 9 – Trelissick Parkrun – first parkrun for several weeks and I go watchless. I’m happy with 28:33 which I only find out when the email arrives.  
  • 24th – Friday – 6 – 6 – Back Running! – a jog round Trelissick with Anna – nice and steady but happy that there is no reaction. 

October 2023 - 9 runs 66 miles - 88 days plus one year to the Arc 50!


  • 30th – Monday – a pre-booked sports leg massage from Lee Wheston. He finds the spot where it hurts! However it seems it’s somewhere where the achilles meets the calf. He did tell me the name but I forget what he said. However what that does mean is that it may not ultimately be as bad as I thought. I’m going to target a Hampshire parkrun with Beth in 2 weeks time. 
  • 29th – Sunday – I’m hobbling around. Apart from that I feeling ok. I know though I have to defer the ARC as the deadline for doing that is Tuesday. It’s no good hanging on when I can buy 12 extra months of preparation. On reflection was I really ready with 3 months to go? Probably not. Looking through this diary I only did two or three course recces. Not enough. My long training runs are few and far between. I like my cricket but it did get in the way of training and it gave me the injury. I need to get this injury cleared up and re-focus and create a proper training and route recce plan. 
  • 28th – Saturday – 14 – 66 – Lighthouse Marathon – sometimes things don’t go to plan. My microphone muffler disappeared within half a mile of the start and as we ran down the road towards Pendeen Lighthouse there was just a hint of an issue in my lower left leg. I knew this course from running not twice in the Cousin Jack event. But today it was very wet. And very muddy. I was going ok after 7 miles. The cut off at St Ives at 14 miles was 5 hours. I was on target to get there easily in 4 hours. I could then aim to do the last 12 miles on the part of the course I was very familiar with in around 3 hours for a 7 hour total. At around 7 miles my right foot caught something on the path. I stumbled forward and my left leg got overstretched. I felt the pull all the way up my left calf. I was still recording the podcast and I left in all the swearing. The swearing as  a reaction to the stumble and the swearing when I realised it was bad and my Arc was over. I met a medic at the Zennor path which was 8 miles in. I had a couple of choices. Stop there and walk the path to the pub and wait for a pick up or hobble onto to St Ives. I didn’t want to sit in a  pub for however long feeling sorry for myself so I pressed on. The next four miles is very tough and not too many oppirtunities for running so I worked out that I could probably sell make the St Ives cut off not that I was thinking of gong on beyond that. A DNF after 14 miles felt much better than one after 8 miles. Inevitably runners caught and passed me and inevitably I fell over – twice slipping one my back once going forward. The sun though appeared as though it knew I needed cheering up! I got to St Ives 10 minutes inside the cut off and withdrew. I waited inside the people carrier for all the cut offs behind me to come through before we headed back to the finish at Rockpool. This is my first DNF – does that make me a proper runner? 
Lighthouse Marathon - Trevor Lee
About six miles into the Lighthouse Marathon
Truro Running Club at the Lighthouse Marathon
Truro Running Club at the Lighthouse Marathon
On your way to Gwithian - see the stump - take the right fork
Past Gwithian car park - past a big sign - go right and then straight on
Golf course is on your right - carry on past this footbridge
Just past Sandy Acres -WM sign is left when you look across
Take the right fork just past this sign
This is Lelant Church - 3 miles after leaving St Ives