Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter with Don Colliver

Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter

What are the lessons and skills that be transferred from the big top to corporate audiences – from being a Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter?

That is what former professional clown Don Colliver shares on the latest episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast as he talks about the transition from Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter.

Subjects we cover during this episode of Professional Clown to Corporate Presenter include:

Authentic imperfection and how can that help you connect better with your audience when presenting How to overcome stage fright and the fear of failure

Why humour is a powerful tool and how to authentically implement it into your presentation

And the benefits of practice including as Don describes having two run throughs using big body language and two run throughs using vocal variety

Don’s top tips to help would-be presenters and speakers get going include targeting what he calls low stakes practice opportunities – where the presentation is short and the audience is small

Don also talks about physical self-awareness and emotional intelligence

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