Storytelling and Business Presentations with Mark Carpenter

Storytelling and Business Presentations

If you tuned into the last episode you will have heard me describing a very poor quality presentation with some very complex and uninspiring slides. Storytelling and your Presentation changes all that.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast serial storyteller Mark Carpenter shares tips, advice and ideas to bring your presentations to life through storytelling showing how storytelling and business presentations go hand in hand.

Mark describes how engaging with your audience will be so much more enhanced if you tell them the story behind your numbers, the story as to why what you’re trying to do will make a difference to them, the story that will educate them.

But as Mark points out as with many things in business, and in particular with presentations, we do need to practice if we are going to be successful.

Mark uses the phrase ‘teach, lead and inspire’ as a goal for when we are presenting or interacting in a business context and the use of storytelling is the way to do that.

And if you are nervous about presenting, indeed if you have avoided presenting when you know you should be doing it, then how about planning to start the first minute of your presentation with a story that you are very familiar with and therefore will be very comfortable sharing, ensuring that the story has relevance to your audience and to your overall message.

And that brings me neatly to the two key points that Mark suggested you could go and do right now:

Firstly make sure you know your audience so that whatever you are sharing with them is relevant to them

And secondly be intentional, know the point you are going to make and why

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