Go Networking to Grow Sales

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m sharing some tips to help you when you go networking to grow sales

So how can you go networking to grow sales?

Here are six top tips:

  1. People buy from people – if you go networking you will meet new people and re-acquaint yourselves with old ones
  2. Learn from the speaker or from the conversations you have or the questions you ask – don’t ask ‘How’s business?’ or ‘Are you really busy?’
  3. Think – whilst listening think about your business or role and how you can improve it
  4. Find out who’s going and organise pre-event meetings or aim to sit next to someone you want to talk to
  5. Arrive early because then you can decide who you want to start conversations with
  6. Get yourself a speaking slot at a networking event – a brilliant opportunity to promote you, your organisation and your products and services

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