Create Presentation Presence and Engaging Starts with Jacqueline Farrington

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast communication, transformation, leadership and speaking expert Jacqueline Farrington shares tips and ideas to help listeners create presentation presence and engaging starts.

During the conversation we also talk about rehearsal and how important that is.

When it comes to helping listeners create presentation presence and engaging starts Jacqueline describes it as building the offstage moment and suggests listeners think about three adjectives for how they want to show up.

For delivering an engaging start Jacqueline suggests different ways of doing that including posing a challenge which could be a question that might not need to be answered, introducing a metaphor because people love metaphors and laying down the gauntlet by delivering a bold attention grabbing statement.

Jacqueline also reminds us how the beginning and the end of our presentation are absolutely crucial and her top tips for rehearsing include standing up and breaking your presentation down into chapters.This episode will undoubtedly help listeners create presentation presence and engaging starts.

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Finally Jacqueline’s top tip for listeners is to record the rehearsal of your presentation and then identify from the recording three key strengths that you have and three areas you would like to work on.

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