Converting Demos into Sales

Converting Demos into Sales

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales host Trevor Lee shares some thoughts and ideas for Converting Demos into Sales including:

Making it easy to book the demo in the first place using things like Calendly

Making contact on the phone pre-demo and establishing what the customer is expecting, while I think they want the demo, an outline of their level of investment expectation and who from there end is going to be on the demo

Create the demo then to suit what you’ve been told and the type of audience you are going to have

Arrive early and get your virtual demo setup and then when the audience arrives check back as to the reasons they gave you in the pre-call as to what they are expecting from the demo and why they think they need it

Make sure the demo involves a lot of interaction on their part and use questions like ‘what are you thinking?’ to create some mini commitment opportunities

And prepare in advance for the three I’s that often become barriers:

  1. Implementation – concerns over that
  2. Investment – will they wobble on that
  3. Inertia – great momentum when they booked the demo but that can easily drift away

At the end of the demo agree follow-up plan and book in a phone or Zoom call

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