20 minute event presentation

20 minute event presentation

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast host Trevor Lee shares tips and ideas to help you deliver a cracking 20 minute event presentation

A 20 minute event presentation could be linked to an in-house conference or some sort of business event

Either way if you are invited to share your knowledge and expertise you don’t want waste the opportunity so follow these seven steps:

  • Step 1: Find Out – where and when, equipment available, audience, audience expectation and running order
  • Step 2: Sketch It –  what to include, what to leave out and use the 4E’s to remind yourself that your audience want to be engaged, educated, enthused and to a degree entertained
  • Step 3: Jog Through – does it flow?, do you need to change the order of some of your slides? are any of your slides causing Death by PowerPoint?
  • Step 4: Timed Run – stand up, take it seriously, may be record it, note anything that needs amending, check back on the 4Es, and deliver it in 16 to 17 minutes in practice
  • Step 5: Arrive Early – check the setup, meet and greet, get your water ready 
  • Step 6: Be the Best of You – really enjoy your delivery knowing that you have great knowledge and expertise to share
  • Step 7 – Reflection – get some feedback and ask yourself what would you do differently and what would you do better next time

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