Business Event Presentation Lessons

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m sharing Business Event Presentation Lessons to help you when its your turn to present at a business event

So what are those Business Event Presentation Lessons?

They come in two parts. Firstly if you’ve got one of the 10 minute pre-event breakfast speaking slots which are often given to the event sponsors then make sure that you use your 10 minutes but don’t go over it.

Use slides to good effect-  I’ll be talking about a speaker who didn’t use slides and that didn’t work and one that used screenshots for slides and that didn’t work either.

For the keynote speakers my four key points that I share on the podcast are as follows:

  1. Don’t have too much content
  2. Don’t be speaking different words to the words on the slide
  3. Make sure your body position and eye contact are for the audience not for the screen
  4. And give your audience something to do, a call to action

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