Find your best voice when presenting with John Henny

Find your best voice when presenting.

Very often when we are planning a presentation or a sales pitch or a briefing to our team either in person or online chances are that whilst we focus a lot on the content and the slides we give little regard to the way we are going to use our voice. If you can find your best voice when presenting it will make such a difference to your presentation.

John Henny has been helping professional voice users find their best voice for over 30 years and now he helps executives, salespeople and leadership influences and their teams learn to communicate effectively.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast John will help you find your best voice when presenting.

John talks about finding the music in your speaking voice to avoid falling into dull, predictable speaking patterns – he suggests that you practice the opening lines of your presentation by singing.

Connecting with your audience by using clear emotional intentions is another area of really interesting discussion that we have, as you will hear part of that is using your voice on the very first word to set the intention of your presentation.

We also talk about how you can usually voice as part of your presence and use it as an energy tool.

As John explains one of the challenges for new any regular presenters and speakers is that they can find tempo an issue – essentially they talk too quick.

John’s Top Tips:

  • Find your optimal speaking pitch
  • Keep your voice healthy through hydration and rest

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