Business Communicating and Presenting with Hilary Blair

Business Communicating and Presenting with Hilary Blair

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast keynote speaker, actor, voice-over artist and facilitator Hilary Blair shares some ideas and tips to help business people enhance their Business Communicating and Presenting and as such get better at presenting and speaking and have great presence with their audience as well as self-awareness and confidence to help them succeed.

Our conversation on the topic of Business Communicating and Presenting revolves around just how important communication and business skills are for business leaders and their teams.

Hilary has coached countless individuals on their pitches and the one thing that she would advise anyone delivering a pitch is to focus on your audience not yourself, in other words then not you.

And for those aspiring to be public speakers Hilary suggests taking every opportunity to practice including joining organisations such as Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association.

And here’s a great tip from Hilary if you find yourself umming and arring a lot when speaking – it usually means that you are using words you may not be that familiar with so stick to the words that you know and you can articulate, as Hilary says ‘you be you’

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