Connect don’t Pitch with Steve Multer

Average speakers pitch – smart speakers connect – so connect don’t pitch – just one of the great insights shared by Steve Multer.

Communication skills are vital in business which is why when presenting we should think: connect don’t pitch

Why connect don’t pitch?

Not everyone in business like the idea of public speaking. In fact many absolutely fear the idea and do their best to avoid it. It’s what Steve refers to as the ‘fear of negative elevation’

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast speaker, coach, trainer and enthusiastic evangelist for better corporate storytelling Steve Multer shares tips and ideas to help listeners improve their communication skills.

Steve talks about 3 pillars – Value, Passion and Connection that can help you speak from the perspective of your audience.

Steve’s top tips:

  • When you talk about others you win
  • And asking yourself ‘How does my story make your story better?’

You can find Steve at and and don’t forget to check out his book ‘Nothing gets Sold until the Story gets told’

Steve also shared a way of picking up excessive content from his website via by using the password soldtold23

This is episode 265 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast –  the previous 264 episodes are available on your usual podcast app or you can listen and download them on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast page

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