How to deliver KickAss Presentations with Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser coaches speakers and trainers to captivate audiences and hold their attention by showing them how to deliver KickAss Presentations. 

With over 20 years as a police officer, tactics instructor and owner of Fraser Training Solutions as well as his experience as a stand-up comedian Dan has taken all his insights tips and ideas on how to deliver KickAss Presentations and put them all into his new book Kickass Presentations.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Dan shares with listeners a whole host of tips, ideas, and advice that can help them ensure that they are not the ones who deliver dull, painful and valueless presentations.

Dan talks about slides and how best to use them, about humour and its value in presentations, about the use of props and the importance of practice.

Dan also shares some top tips around how to deliver energised and interactive virtual presentations

So what are Dan’s three top tips for you to take away and implement immediately?

Try these if you want to deliver better presentations:

  • Master your content – really know everything about what you are talking about
  • Know your objective – what is it you want the audience to feel and also takeaway?
  • Have just one idea per slide – it’s not usually the number of slides that cause Death by PowerPoint more the content on individual slides

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