Selling is Evolving – are you? with Collin Mitchell

Selling is Evolving but how many times do you still receive or make cold calls that are complete waste of time?

So how can we make those calls, emails and messages much more effective?

What can we do to make sure our selling is evolving

In this Selling is Evolving episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Collin Mitchell shares how Humantic AI is doing just that by helping salespeople understand personalities of the people they are calling, so they are better prepared for the conversation ahead and by being better prepared they are more likely to keep the conversation going, indeed get it started in the first place.

Collin is the Head of Sales at Humantic AI

Collin also hosts the Sales Transformation Podcast

Collin describes the purpose of a cold call simply to get into a conversation. It is a great goal to have and I think changes the mindset of that call and the way we approach it.

To wrap up Collin shares his two top tips that listeners in the sales environment can put into action straightaway:

Focus on quality rather than quantity

And get very good at time management – it is so easy to be distracted, to react to things we don’t need to and then ultimately start saying things like ‘I haven’t got time to do that’ – with the ‘that’ usually means something that could make a difference to your sales success.

This is episode 253 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast –  the previous 252 episodes are available on your usual podcast app or you can listen and download them on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast page

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