5 Top Presentation Tips

5 Top Presentation Tips

In the first of three of the Summer series of episodes of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m sharing 5 top presentation tips

Remember your presentation needs to engage, educate, enthuse and to a degree entertain your audience and ideally you need to enjoy delivering it because that will help your audience enjoy receiving it

So here are the 5 top presentation tips:

  1. Start with them not you – avoid falling into the trap as most people do of using the start of their presentation to talk about themselves, their company etc..
  2. Think of slides as a prompt not a script that far too many presentations contain slides that are full of words, written in sentences. Start with one word on a slide and see if you can keep the words below 10 on each slide
  3. One of the hardest things all presenters is to avoid running over on time. There is a solution. When you are practising your full presentation, at presentation pace, aim to deliver that practice run in 80% of the allocated time
  4. At the end of your presentation make sure you tell your audience what you want them to do next, and subtly hint at that throughout the presentation. If you going to have a Q&A then bring it in before your final summary and have a couple of rhetorical questions up your sleeve in case no one asks any questions to kickstart the Q&A
  5. Prepare well, prepare well in advance so that you give yourself the maximum time to deliver a really great presentation and combine that with practice, maybe three or four practice run throughs. I normally don’t time my first practice run through as I’m just wanting to see how the presentation flows and I’ll be stopping and starting to make notes and adjustments as I go. On the second run through I will time it and then I’ll be ready to make decisions about taking content out if I overrun that 80% rule. My third run through is usually the final presentation, but I might just enough for one if I had any doubts about the way it flows

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