Nudging not pushing to win the order

Nudging not pushing to win the order

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m sharing thoughts and ideas to help you convert interest into sales, to show you how nudging not pushing to win the order is the way to go

Especially when you’ve delivered a pitch or demo

You’re not delivering a pitch or demo because your buyer has no interest in you whatsoever, you’re delivering the pitch or demo because essentially they have agreed for you to do that

They are interested

Your job is to add momentum to that interest but then not lose that momentum when you’ve finished the pitch or demo

At the very beginning tell those you are pitching or demoing to how its going to end

‘When I’ve finished the pitch / demo I’ll explain what happens next and the potential timescale we need to consider

Throughout you drop positive but subtle messages that you are expecting the audience to say yes

Remember what we said in las weeks’ episode – number 280 – about making it easy for your buyer to say yes

Buyers like to buy but sometimes they need a nudge. A nudge not a push.

Think about something you bought recently that you nearly didn’t buy

Your friend or spouse or partner acted as the nudger. Helping you over the line.

Buying my projector – accountant was the nudger 

And that’s the role you need to play.

The nudger. 

Top sales people are very good at this.

They recognise that helping someone to buy is a key skill. 

Throughout the pitch or demo they check-in.

‘What are you thinking?’

‘What do you think your colleagues will say to this?’

‘Are you seeing any barriers or roadblocks?’

They make it interactive throughout the demo or pitch – often in a subtle way

They ask great questions – which are designed to gain ‘mini-commitments’ 

They then confirm the mini-commitment:

‘So what you are saying…….is that right?’

If they have to follow up clarify exactly what the client wants and in what format and when by

If they ask for  single page proposal don’t send them 10

If they want a phone call don’t email them 

If they want an email send a video email with an proposal attached – you’ll stand out 

Ask ‘apart from yourself who else is involved in making a buying decision?’

‘what do you think they will say?’

You need to keep the momentum going and inevitably that momentum starts to wane as soon as your pitch or demo ends so get the proposal out there 

But don’t be tempted to be a in rush to get the deal done

Sometimes you have to be patient

As sales guru Brian Burns says its better to go slowly to a yes than race to a no 

But stay in touch – don’t completely ignore the potential buyer 

A good example is trade shows

Stand holders are keen to have on the stand conversations but they often don’t have a follow up plan. They need a personalised email that evening. I went to a business show almost three weeks ago. I was interested in a product. I was asked for my contact details. I handed then over and agreed they should send me something. I’ve not heard from them. My momentum has definitely gone. 

Sales is often a mindset thing.

You need to get the balance right between being assured and over confident

If you give off signals – verbal or through body language – that say ‘I don’t think you’re going to buy’ – the buyer can pick those up and know it will be easier for them to say ‘No’ because that is what you are expecting

Think of the waiter who takes your order – you and he both know you’re going to buy 

Sometimes it will feel like a deal is stuck – its all uphill and you’re making no progress 

When that happens nudging is good but never feel afraid to ask for the order

‘Can I have the order please?’ 

So get ready to be a nudger

We all need a nudge sometimes 

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