Don’t give up on Sales

Don’t give up on sales

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m encouraging listeners to do exactly that – don’t give up on sales

The episode is inspired by a group of runners who took part on a very hot day on a very difficult run that I was marshalling at. It would have been very easy for them to give up but they dug deep and called upon energy reserves they didn’t know they had.

So is that how you pursue sales, particularly when you’ve already delivered a presentation and sent out a proposal?

Can you honestly say that you don’t give up on sales for after a couple of emails that get no response, a couple of phone calls that just go to voicemail you decide that actually the client isn’t going to buy after all and you move onto the next one?

But like the ultra runners if you’ve done your preparation well and you’ve got a follow-up strategy in place then don’t give up on sales, but at the same time make sure you are offering good value through your proposal and ultimately the way you follow up your proposal.

So use Rueben Swartz’s colour-coded proposal check system which you can find out about in episode 213 and use video to complement your written proposal and get attention.

If someone has made an enquiry, and given what we know about research before making any contact, particularly in the B2B sector, then you know that that enquiry is likely to be a really good opportunity so don’t give up on sales and waste that opportunity.

Keep the opportunity alive by ensuring that every time you attempt an interaction to follow up your proposal you are adding a new idea, or sharing some interesting information or offering a further alternative to your proposal based on thinking you’ve been doing since you sent the first one.

Those are the techniques to ensure you don’t give up on sales and that should come across to the person you are trying to work with.

If you just simply send emails that say ‘did you get my email?’ then that is not great and it is not really going to persuade the person you send the proposal to do something about it.

So the message from this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast is clear – if you want to be successful then don’t give up on sales.

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