Glastonbury and your Presentation

Glastonbury and your Presentation – this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast was inspired by watching some of the Glastonbury festival.

I looked at the way the performers engage the audience, structure their set, communicate with the audience and deliver a performance and then looked at how you can learn from them to help you deliver a better, more confident and more successful presentation.

So I’ve broken it down into five areas which you can benefit from

Glastonbury and your Presentation:

  1. Engage your audience from the beginning – musicians go straight into their first number and you should go straight into your main introduction point not ramble on about yourself
  2. Get things in the right order – music sets have a big start,  some of the not so popular stuff in the middle and then go for the blockbuster finish
  3. Communicate with your audience – tell them what’s coming up and maybe add as the musicians do a short story about the next key point before you share it
  4. Practice/Rehearse – musicians do this to ensure they got the flow right and the timing of their session and that’s exactly why you should practice your presentation
  5. Glastonbury is a performance and so is your presentation so use your voice, your body language and potentially some props to engage and energise your audience

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