#175: The World’s Best Buyer Persona System with Stormie Andrews

Stormie Andrews is the author of The World’s Best Buyer Persona System

In this action packed 25 minute episode based on the world’s best buyer persona system questions that arise and get discussed include:

  • What is your definition of Success?
  • How many half built bridges have you got in your business?
  • Do you understand how your customers think?

Stormie also shares his 7 step Marketing Wheel Audit:

  1. Awareness
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Engagement
  4. Conversion Optimisation
  5. Wow
  6. Customer Ladder
  7. Reviews / Referrals

Questions Stormie suggests you ask yourself:

  • Do you know what motivates your ideal customer to do business with you?
  • What noise are they seeing in the market place?
  • What are they being told,what are they hearing?
  • What are they doing as it pertains to a solution?

This is an episode packed full of tips and ideas – Stormie is a great podcast guest

Stormie’s new podcast: The Phactor

Find Stormie at https://www.stormieandrews.com

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