Launch a B2B Podcast with Prarthana Sibal

How to launch a B2B podcast

Prarthana Sibal is head of client services at B2B podcast agency Pikkal. Prarthana and her team give guidance to corporates on how to launch a B2B podcast.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Prarthana shares with listeners a whole host of tips, ideas, and advice that can help begin their B2B podcasting journey and importantly the reasons why they should be doing it.

These reasons include:

Using a podcast to create conversations, build stronger relationships with existing clients, build awareness of and communicate your brand.

Prarthana advises small businesses to start their podcast journey by being a guest by building a story that will be appealing to podcast hosts.

For corporates Prarthana’s advice is to enter the B2B podcast space now whilst it is still emerging and growing. Her advice is to align the podcast with the business objectives and to commit to a host, ideally someone from within the organisation.

And to be consistent in publishing. In the way this podcast comes out every Monday.

And what about the stats we sometimes overly obsess on?

Prarthana suggests focusing on levels of engagement – data that shows how much of a show is listened to and also podcast rankings in the sector or niche your podcast is operating in.

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