Platinum Jubilee Business Lessons

Platinum Jubilee Business Lessons – this podcast goes out as here in the UK, and indeed across parts of the world we reach the conclusion of four days celebration for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

So what are the Platinum Jubilee business lessons that we can learn and utilise?

Firstly throughout those 70 years the Queen has met thousands indeed hundreds of thousands of people and performed vast amounts of ceremonies and at each one she has had to be on her ‘A Game’ and you to need to be on your ‘A Game’ when you interact with other people whether that’s through presentation, sales pitch, an incoming call or indeed with colleagues.

Secondly making people feel special whenever you interact with them in a business context, regardless of who they are and how long the interaction takes place. Whether that colleagues or strangers you meet at networking  or other business events. Taking an interest in them and what they are up to stands you out.

And thirdly being resilient and able to bounce back when things don’t go your way, when you don’t deliver a great presentation, or you lose a sales pitch or client, or you miss out on that promotion – how we react to these situations helps define our character going forward.

I mention in the podcast some webinars I got coming up which you may wish to attend week commencing June 13th.

Links to register for  the free webinars I’m running as part of the Cornwall Festival of Business Week:

10 Top Business Tips from 10 Global Business Gurus
June 14th 10am BST

How to Launch and Sustain a Business Podcast
June 16th 4pm BST

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