Confidence with entrepreneur and instagram whizzo Kaye Reeves

Confidence with Kaye Reeves

Confidence is a key business success factor, particularly when it comes to delivering presentations and sales pitches and also when using video for self marketing

There is though a balance to be had between being quietly and reassuringly confident versus overconfidence which can come across as arrogance or cockiness

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales entrepreneur, presenter and instagram video creator Kaye Reeves shares her ideas and advice to help you become more confident in various business situations, including  presenting and shooting short videos where it is so easy to find excuses for not getting on and doing these things, which we know are increasingly important in the business world.

Kaye believes that you need to have confidence in your idea not just your appearance, because the real value to your audience is your idea and what it can do for them. So if you don’t deliver that presentation or shoot that short video for social media you are potentially depriving those who could really benefit from your knowledge and expertise and may well potentially then want to engage you on a wider basis.

So how do we gain the confidence to do these things?

The phrase Kaye uses during the podcast is ‘rinse and repeat’ in other words just keep doing the videos and the presentations knowing that the more you do the easier it will feel and as a result the more confident you will be in your own ability.

But at the same time follow Kaye’s golden rule and that is to not put yourself more than 20% outside of your current comfort zone. This will ensure that you push yourself beyond your current level but not to such a degree that you risk delivering a presentation or shooting a video that is simply too big for you at the moment.

It’s a top tip.

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