10 Top Business Tips from 10 Global Business Gurus

In this episode I share 10 top Business Tips from guests who have been on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

The 10 Top Business Tips:

  1. Alex Goldfayn – call your existing customers – don’t wait for a problem or issue
  2. Claire Boscq-Scott – what is it like to be a customer of yours? what are the barriers that make it hard for peel to buy from you?
  3. Lisa McLeod – ask yourselves ‘how do we make a difference to customers?’
  4. Umar Hameed – think like an A Player – be on your A Game during all customer interactions – calls, pitches and presentations
  5. Shawn Rhodes – at the end of each call, pitch or presentation ask ‘what would we have done differently now we know how it went?’
  6. Michael Reddington – Stop listening to ourselves and start listening to customers
  7. Laurie Gilbertson – demonstrate at the very stay of your presentation that you had thought about your audience
  8. Nicolas Vendenbergh – Respond quickly if you want to increase your chances of winning the deal
  9. Reuben Swartz – Before you send out a business proposal highlight in green all words about the customer, in yellow potential confusing jargon and in red stuff about you, the product /service
  10. Angela Mulrooney – Linked In – make the most of your professional headline and your about section and use video posts

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