Sell without Selling Out with Andy Paul

Sell without Selling Out

Andy Paul is a global sales guru, top podcaster and entrepreneur. He is also a business author who’s latest book is Sell Without Selling Out

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Andy shares with listeners a whole host of tips, ideas, and advice that can help them ultimately get better at sales by using a proven framework which will increase when rates and shorten decision cycles but without the sales behaviours buyers hate – sell without selling out

To that end Andy shares the most important question every buyer will ask – why you?

  • Why should I invest my time in you?
  • Why should I take advice from you?
  • Why should I let you influence me?

Andy wants to rid the sales world of tired scripts and pushy pitches. Instead he wants salespeople to embrace the innate human behaviours of connection, curiosity, understanding and generosity. Andy describes these as the four ‘sell in pillars’.

If you work in sales or you are a sales leader then you will be inspired to do things differently by listening to Andy.

And in his summing up top tips Andy sets salespeople two challenges:

Firstly when you are interacting with a potential new customer or indeed a new business person  ask five questions of them before you say anything about yourself

The second challenge is that when you are about to launch into a statement of fact about your business or your product or even yourself turn that into a question as well

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