Your LinkedIn Profile Generating Sales with Naomi Johnson

Your LinkedIn Profile Generating Sales with Naomi Johnson

Have you ever considered how important your LinkedIn profile generating sales could be ?

In such a way that potential customers come to you pre-sold and ready to buy?

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast LinkedIn profile expert Naomi Johnson explains how your profile can make a real difference and shares ideas on what you need to consider doing with it.

Naomi shares the three key strategies for using LinkedIn and thus use your LinkedInprofile generating sales:

  • The proactive strategy where you are researching and then prospecting the right kind of person who fits your prospective client persona
  • The active strategy where you are commenting on articles and posts that you see as well as posting your own stuff based on your expertise
  • And then your passive strategy which is allowing your LinkedIn profile to do the selling for you

In terms of the content you post on LinkedIn Naomi suggests that you need to be consistent so that 80% is based around your thought leadership expertise area, 10% links your personal activity with your thought leadership position and 10% is based on your professional activity such as networking or attending events.

I learnt from Naomi that if within the first two hours of you posting something you receive 15 comments and/or likes then LinkedIn will share your post and that the first 49 characters in your professional headline need to be the keywords that people are searching for. Are yours? 

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