Pitching Sales the Professional Way with Bryan Charleau

Pitching Sales the Professional Way

Particularly when you are new to the sales profession the opportunity to present or pitch can feel a bit daunting and it is easy to think that you can simply rely on your slides to win the pitch for you.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales – Pitching Sales the Professional Way – podcast mentor, career building and goal setting coach Bryan Charleau shares his experiences of going from being a completely new sales professional to over 10 years of delivering sales pitches and presentations to various audiences.

In Pitching Sales the Professional Way Bryan shares some great tips and advice not only for those who are new to the sales profession but also as a useful reminder to those who are experienced but still keen to learn and do better.

We have conversations around preparing your presentation including anticipating objections and questions as well as making sure that you focus on the audience yourself.

We also talk about the difference between delivering in person and delivering virtually.

Bryan’s book: ‘Pitching Sales – a complete guide to becoming a Sales Professional’ is available on Amazon.

You can find Bryan at Pitchingsalesconsulting.com

Bryan’s top tip which is relevant to both new sales professionals and experienced salespeople is to make sure that when you are going to deliver a presentation or pitch you arrive early at the venue so you can get set up before your audience arrive.

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