The art of reading people with Brian Galke

The art of reading people with Brian Galke

If you’ve got a presentation or pitch to deliver you can gain a real advantage by understanding how to better read those you are presenting to.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Brian Galke founder of Subtle Skills shares some fantastic insights into the art of reading people particularly via their eyebrows

The art of reading people through their eyebrows includes:

  1. What Eyebrow Height Tells You About When to Close the Deal
  2. How to Sell to the 3 Basic Eyebrow Shapes – Straight, Angled or Rounded 
  3. How Eye Angles Reveal How to Present Your Product – Up, straight or down 

This is a fascinating episode which could be transformational for your sales and presentation success if you learn the art of reading people

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Brian’s business tips:

Find a recent photo of the person you are presenting to / meeting with to check their eyebrows

When networking don’t ask someone about their business ask them about their planned holiday

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