Enhance your sales negotiation skills with Brian Will

Enhance your sales negotiation skills with Brian Will

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast series entrepreneur and business and sales management consultant Brian Will shares some ideas and tips to enhance your sales negotiation skills.

Here are just some of the lessons from Brian’s book ’No – the Psychology of Sales and Negotiations’ we discuss:

  • Whatever the offer just say No and see where it goes
  • Be willing to walk away
  • The more you talk the less they hear and remember
  • Pause for effect
  • Every presentation has to end with a Yes, No or clear direction

You can find more about Brian here: https://brianwillmedia.com

Here’s the link to the masterclass Brian referred to https://training.brianwillmedia.com/offers/oK2NUq6M/checkout which listeners to this podcast can access for free by inserting the code : SALES

Brian’s business tip to enhance your sales negotiation skills:

Overcome the first objection before it is raised. The first objection is that you are a salesperson.

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